New Hybrid Speaker Cable Design Pushes Hi -Fi Limits

Pear Cable Releases the ANJOU Speaker Cable, Aiming to Be the World's Best Hi-Fi Connection

Newton, Mass. - April 13, 2007 - - Pear Cable Corporation, a developer of high -fidelity audio cable products, announces the completion and immediate availability of the long awaited ANJOU speaker cable. With a goal of being the world's best home audio speaker cable, the ANJOU strives for greatness.

Taking more than 1 year to design and develop, and requiring a full 4 months of machine time just to produce the first run of wire, the ANJOU speaker cable pushes the limits of modern cable design and manufacturing. The cable poses a direct challenge to rivals in the world of "no -holds barred" Hi -Fi cables by pursuing the most accurate sound quality possible.

So what exactly are you getting for your dollar? Pear Cable President, Annica Kjellberg had this to say, "First and foremost, you are getting real science and engineering with this product, not voodoo. We use the finest materials, a completely unique hybrid geometry developed just for the ANJOU speaker cable, and the best modern cable construction techniques available. The result is a cable that not only offers measurable sonic improvements, but more importantly a cable that sounds phenomenal."

The clear jacket of the 1" thick ANJOU speaker cable reveals a tantalizing peek at the first layer of the complex inner cable geometry. Completely manufactured by machine in the United States for the highest quality and precision, the non -repeatability and inaccuracy of hand made cable construction techniques are avoided. A solid 5 -hour termination process that is done by hand for each pair of cables, allows human eyes to verify quality.

The electrical properties enabled by the new hybrid geometry of the ANJOU speaker cable push the limits of hi -fi cable design. Reduced electrical reactance allows the audio signal to reach the speakers with less alteration than conventional speaker cable designs permit. A more accurate signal brings listeners closer to the ever -elusive goal of stereo systems being indistinguishable from live performances.

An 8 -foot pair of ANJOU Speaker Cables retails for $5250
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About Pear Cable, Inc.
Pear Cable is a manufacturer of high fidelity audio cables for both home and car audio. Using custom designed manufacturing equipment and cutting edge scientific principles, Pear Cable brings quality products to the audio marketplace. For more information visit:

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