Milan will be the Capital of M2M FORUM

M2M FORUM 2007 for the next 22-23 May in Italy. New in the 2007 edition - SMART SENSOR AREA - HOME AUTOMATION - EMBEDDED TO MACHINE.

M2M FORUM 2007 for the next 22 -23 May in Italy.

For two days, Milan will be the Capital of M2M.

Last year, 23 exhibiting and sponsoring companies, 42 speakers, more
than 400 delegates participating in 4 conference sessions, 30
accredited journalists. These are, in brief, the figures of the
success of last edition of the Italian M2M Forum.

The M2M Forum got its start during 2002 as the first trade show and
conference dedicated to Machine to Machine world. In the same year,
the Italian M2M industry realized the need for a unifying event
dedicated to education, networking, and technology development. While
players involved in this new market previously had to attend numerous
expo and trade conferences within a wide variety of industry sectors,
the M2M Forum was the first real opportunity for these companies to
come together to gain a comprehensive view of the M2M market.

The M2M Forum 2007 continues to define the domestic market, the
leaders, and the technology breakthroughs of this industry that in
Italy has been a real market since 1995. Year by year, through real
world case histories presented by adopters and vendors, the Italian
M2M landscape is showed through innovative application strategies,
best practices, and lessons learned.

Since the beginning, the M2M Forum bring together the key groups in
the route to market: the wireless technology suppliers, the adopters,
OEMs, Integrators, System Vendors, End Users, and Customers.

The importance of this business field is also higlighted by the
forecast of a recent survey conducted by Strategy Analitics, according
to which in 2007 the M2M market could arrived to value 40 thousands of

That is one of the reason why Wireless s.r.l. has decided to renovate
the appointment of M2M FORUM, on May 22nd - 23rd 2007, at Crowne Plaza
Hotel Milan, Italy.

New in the 2007 edition - SMART SENSOR AREA - CASATECH / HOME

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