MuxLab Rackmount Balun Chassis Streamlines AV Cabling

MuxLab Inc announces its latest product for the custom audio-video installation and structured cabling markets…The Rackmount Balun Chassis 16 (500900).

Montreal, Canada - MuxLab Inc (, a designer and manufacturer of CCTV and audio -video connectivity solutions for copper twisted pair, announces its latest product for the custom audio -video installation and structured cabling markets…The Rackmount Balun Chassis 16 (500900).

Developed for commercial and residential AV integrators, the Rackmount Balun Chassis 16 allows any combination of up to sixteen (16) MuxLab square baluns to be installed in a 19" relay rack. Head -end AV equipment such as DVD players, video servers and sat boxes may be installed in a local wiring closet and connected to the Cat5 structured cabling system via a wide array of MuxLab balun solutions.

The panel is custom -tailored to allow any combination of up to sixteen (16) MuxLab baluns to be installed. The baluns may be installed with the RJ45 either front or rear facing depending on the application. At the display end, the appropriate MuxLab baluns are installed at the display to support a fully end -to -end Cat5 cabling solution.

Each balun snaps into place and is held firmly by a spring latching mechanism. The product rack height is 2U and features, one -piece design for ease of installation and maintenance. Baluns snap into each slot and are retained by a spring steel latch for secure and reliable installation. The product comes with a set of four (4) rackmount screws and washers and slot numbers are clearly identified on the front and back panels.

The Rackmount Balun Chassis works in conjunction with MuxLab baluns models such as; 500001, 500002, 500007, 500010, 500011, 500012, 500014, 500015, 500017, 500028, 500032, 500033, 500037, 500038, 500039, 500040, 500041, 500042, 500045, 500050, 500051, 500052, 500053, 500060 and 500061. Applications include; Custom audio -video, school AV systems, residential AV systems, boardroom systems, digital signage systems.

For more information, please visit the MuxLab website ( or contact MuxLab at +1 514 -905 -0588, or A 300 DPI product photo is available upon request.

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