Net -atHome2007™ announces dates for for 10th anniversary

Net-atHome™2007: the World's most International Connected Home event! Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! Mark your calendars for Net-atHome™2007!

Sophia Antipolis, France - March 22, 2007 - Continuing the success from previous years, Net -atHome™ is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Homega Research announces today that the next Net -atHome™ event will take place on November 13 -15, at the Boscolo Hotel Plaza, Nice, on the French Riviera.

Net -atHome™ is the most international event in the Connected Home community, bringing together 200 to 300 delegates from the worlds most dynamic organisations. It is also the only event in Europe that covers the entire Connected Home domain, thus attracting key players from all branches of the industry: consumer electronics, software companies, research labs and public bodies, telcos, silcos and industry associations.

The growth of Connected Home markets underlines the demand for regular and reliable information on products and services within the Connected Home domain. With this in mind, Net -atHome™ aims to assess the most innovative and stirring issues facing the industry, both in the short and medium terms as well as identify future trends and strengths.

The addressed topics will include:

Which technologies and standards (in the field of home networking, home platforms and gateways, access networks) are imposing themselves today or likely to be dominant in the short term?
Which products and services are the most promising for the short to medium term and why (how are they answering to consumer needs and expectations, why is the business model relevant, why is the distribution channel adapted)?
What are the actual opportunities and threats linked to the ongoing globalisation of connected home markets?
How can we suitably address the 'extending home' (apartment buildings, communities, people on the move, etc.)
When will major emerging challenges (ageing population, sustainable development, eHealth) really impact the development of connected home markets?
Are major short to medium term market perspectives mainly linked to the deployment of wireless broadband solutions by service providers?
Who will be the dominant players in the short to medium term?
How can we solve issues leading to coherent home infrastructures able to fully support market development: middleware, standards and interoperability, QoS, safety and privacy, 'the' gateway, the role of integrators, etc.

Homega Research is proud to announce the involvement of the HomePlug Alliance in the early stages of the Net -atHome™2007 event. HomePlug Alliance participates as the Privilege Sponsor and is also a co -located its event at the Boscola Hotel Plaza on November 15, 2007.

For more information about participating in Net -atHome™2007 as a visitor, speaker, sponsor/exhibitor, endorser or media partner, please visit the event website ( or send an email to info@net .

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Homega Research (www.homega is the division of Sigma Consultants specializing in the field of technologies and services for the home. It has developed its activities from the expertise and experience Sigma has acquired in this domain since the company's creation in 1984. Homega Research is proud to have succeeded in building a long -standing reputation for quality, efficiency and professionalism for all of its services: technology assessment, market research, and business events.

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