RTI Unveils C2C Initiative

New Company Message Reinforces Commitment to the Custom Installation Market

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN -March 15, 2007 - Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), the leader in innovative home system control solutions, has unveiled a brand new initiative as an integral addition to its company philosophy. C2C or "Committed 2 Custom" highlights RTI's devotion to the custom install market. RTI is a stand -out among a handful of remote control lines designed for and sold exclusively to custom installers.

"C2C is a cutting -edge concept which will reinforce our commitment not only to custom installation but also to excellence," said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing for RTI. "By developing award winning control solutions and working with trained professional integrators, we are able to ensure easy access to entertainment for the discerning consumer."

RTI has always strived to be its dealers' #1 partner. RTI cements this partnership with its focus on designing solutions for the custom installation market and selling those products exclusively through trained custom professionals. Furthermore, RTI's TheaterTouch Designer™ Programming Software, which is used to program all of the products in the line, is only available to trained dealers. The company's broad product line, highly revered programming software and their protected sales channel make RTI the perfect control system line for any professional custom installation firm.

Now, through C2C, this message has truly come to the forefront and will shape the way RTI will evolve in the residential, commercial and transportation markets.

RTI also provides in -depth product training and technical support through its Advanced Control University (ACU). ACU is a continuing education initiative that combines all of RTI's training efforts into one program, giving participants a full roster of courses to advance their expertise in designing home control systems.

The ACU program is another example of RTI's avant -garde philosophy which gives custom installers the edge in delivering powerful and easy -to -use whole -house control systems.

It is this type of inclusive approach that distinguishes RTI's philosophy, positions the company as a leader in innovation, and ensures the success of an unprecedented concept like C2C.

Talking Points:
• RTI unveils a new marketing initiative, C2C.
• This new concept highlights RTI's "Commitment 2 Custom" by offering its products exclusively through custom dealers and trained professional integrators.
C2C along with ACU are some innovative marketing components that are integral parts of the RTI philosophy.

About Remote Technologies Incorporated

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a technology -driven company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, that specializes in developing and marketing innovative home theater control products. Founded in 1992 with a focus on the custom home installation market, RTI has become the leader in creating wireless control solutions that solve the foremost challenges facing electronic systems installers.

RTI's guiding passion is centered about making any size home theater or other electronic system simple and pleasant to use. The company's design philosophy emphasizes an intuitive and enjoyable experience of its award -winning products, from its universal system controllers, to signal storage and processing devices, and PC programming software.

For additional information on RTI and all its innovative products please visit www.rticorp.com.

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