Channel Vision Ships its Affinity™ Digital Cable Combiner

Next Generation Modulation Solution for Digital Cable Now Available - Patent Pending Solution Enables Industry's Only Modulation Solution for Digital Cable Without Filters

Channel Vision announces the availability of the Affinity Digital Cable Combiner, the industry's next generation solution to modulating on digital cable systems. The product is now available in kit form as the Affinity Digital Modulation Kit and is available in four modulator versions; and a choice of 1 - 4 Affinity units supporting runs of up to four TVs. Custom kits are also available for larger systems.

The Affinity Digital Cable Combiner is Channel Vision's patent pending innovation to modulated video distribution over digital cable. Affinity enables the easy connection and modulation of multiple video sources distributed to a TV without the use of filters. Offering IR remote -based source switching, Affinity opens multiple channels for viewing or distributing DVD, satellite, surveillance camera feeds and other video sources. Affinity creates a future -proof solution that eliminates digital cable interference and the need for related callbacks.

The Affinity allows installers to integrate modulated signals into a digital cable system without the need for RF filters. This allows several modulated channels to be integrated with a full digital cable feed without requiring digital channel programming to be lost. The system offers a built -in IR repeating system for simple push button selection between cable channels and modulated channels such as those for surveillance cameras, DVRs and DVD players.

Affinity solves a common installation problem on digital cable that requires installers to determine what existing digital channel frequencies get filtered out in order to allow both digital and modulated channels to coexist on the same system. This process can be time consuming and confusing for the installer, while requiring customers to lose digital cable channels. Affinity eliminates the need for installers to make subsequent service calls to update channel filters each time the cable company changes their line up.

The Affinity Digital Modulation Kit includes everything needed to create a complete system. The main unit is designed for easy installation and mounts directly into a structured wiring enclosure or onto the Channel Vision Hinged Rack Plate, the P -1300, which enables the piece to be mounted in a 19 -inch rack. Additional products in the kit include an IR Coax Adapter (IR -4100), IR -Receiver (IR -2400), power supply, remote control and choice of up to four different Channel Vision modulators.

The Kit is available in four modulator versions; with a choice of 1 -4 additional Affinity units supporting runs of up to four TVs. Additional kit quantities are also available via special order.

By utilizing Affinity's included accessories, it creates an IR remote control repeating system that works over existing coax cable. In addition to sending control IR signals to the Affinity, this IR repeating systems can be used to control other entertainment devices such as DVD players or media servers.

Pricing & Availability
The Affinity Digital Modulation Kits are now available and can be purchased through Channel Vision's worldwide distribution network. Pricing on the Kits range from $416.36 MSRP for the 1 -input modulator/1 -Affinity Kit to $1,683.80 MSRP for the 4 -input modulator/4 -Affinity Kit. For complete pricing on all 16 -kits, please contact Channel Vision Sales at 800.840.0288

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