Channel Vision Releases New Telephone Entry Intercom Controller

Offering Enhanced Features and Greater Functionality for Both Retrofit and New Homes. System Enables Homeowners to Speak to and Grant Access to a Single Door or Entry Gate from any Standard Phone in the Home

The newest addition to Channel Vision's line of telephone entry and intercom solutions, the P -0920 provides feature enhancements to the company's legacy telephone entry products. Among these enhancements, the P -0920 provides a 'No CO Mode', a distinctive telephone ring, doorbell chime option, active LED status indicators and RJ -45 and screw terminal connections. The system remains compatible with Channel Vision's popular IU & DP Front Door Intercoms and its Door Strike Relay Module (TE110DS).

Housed in Channel Vision's trademark Pro Series chassis, the unit is easily mounted directly into a structure wire enclosure or a 19 -inch rack with the use of the Channel Vision Hinged Rack Plate (P -1300).

Homeowners will enjoy the added features that enable the home telephone system to interface with their existing front door chime. Installers will appreciate the flexibility the system provides and can easily pair the system with a Channel Vision IU or DP intercom front door station and a modulator for a complete residential AV access control solution.

Among its newest features, the P -0920's 'No CO Mode' enables the system to work without an active phone line, making it perfect for installations in new homes where the phone service has yet to be activated or for households that rely mainly on cell phones but still want the option of phone access to the front door or entry gate. The system offers a distinctive telephone ring when visitors arrive at the front door or entry gate as well as the option to ring the phones and the existing door chimes simultaneously. Visitors will also hear a doorbell tone when they press the door station button to acknowledge its ringing throughout the house.

The Telephone Entry Controller features three active LED status indicators for easy system verification. When the phones ring, the Ring LED flashes, when the door intercom station is in use, the Intercom Active LED is lit and when the door strike is activated, the Strike Active LED lights.

The new Telephone Entry Controller (P -0920) has replaced Channel Vision's popular telephone entry system the TE -110 and C -0920 products, which have been a mainstay in the company's telephone and intercom line. Channel Vision has upgraded two of its kits with the new system. The new kit, the Telephone Entry Kit for 1 -Door, include a P -0920 and an IU -0212 Front Door Intercom in White or Black (TE -0212 - with a White plate and TE -0282 - with a Black plate). Both kits are now available at an MSRP of $457.92.

The new system has been incorporated into the Residential Access Control Kit (RAC -Kit), a complete home AV access control system that includes the Channel Vision IU -Series Front Door Intercom with a choice of nine different color ¼ -inch solid brass door plates, a single input modulator (E1200), a 10dB RF Amplifier (C -0310), a Low Pass Filter (3102 -118) and an Accessory Pack that includes a combiner, adapters and connectors. The RAC -Kit is available at an MSRP of $934.76.

Pricing & Availability
Channel Vision's Telephone Entry Controller (P -0920) is now available at an MSRP of $336 through the company's worldwide distribution network of custom retailers, integrators, dealers and distributors.

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