Yitran announces Y -NET: full Power Line Communications Networking package for AMR/AMM systems

Yitran has released the Y-NET Advanced Evaluation Package. Y-NET is suitable for the development of a wide variety of applications: AMR/AMM, Energy Management, Street Light Control, Industrial Automation, Home Automation and Control applications.

Beer -Sheva ISRAEL - February 28, 2007

Yitran Communications Ltd., a leading supplier of PLC (Power Line Communication) technology, has released today the Y -NET Advanced Evaluation Package. Y -NET is suitable for the development of a wide variety of applications including; AMR/AMM (Automatic Meter Reading /Management), Energy Management, Street Light Control, Industrial Automation, Home Automation and Control applications. The Package combines the advantages of an extremely robust and reliable IT800 PLC modem technology with enhanced Networking capabilities such as Automatic Addressing Assignment and Automatic Routing and Repeating. The Y -NET allows application developers and system integrators not only seamless evaluation of the IT800 PLC modem performance, but also dramatically reducing the system development cycle.
'We are very excited about the release of Y -NET', said Avner Matmor, Yitran's CEO. 'Over the last few years our IT800 has been proven as the best narrow band PLC technology in the world and already selected as the home networking standard in different countries around the globe: US (baseline for HomePlug Command Control), Japan (Echonet), Korea (HNCP). Combining the performance of IT800 PLC technology with advanced Networking Algorithms, opens a new era in IT800 based products development '.
'We have been collecting the requirements raised by the customers developing products using IT800 PLC technology and integrated them into the new Y -NET", said Dr. Oren Kaufman, Yitran's Regional Marketing Director. 'We believe that Y -NET suits all needs of system developers and helps bringing new excellent PLC products into the market quickly. AMR/AMM and Energy Management System Integrators, developers of Street Light Control and Industrial Automation applications will receive a new powerful tool that merges all the reliability of IT800 PLC technology with sophisticated networking capabilities'.
Y -NET can be directly ordered from YITRAN web -site: www.yitran.com

About Yitran Communications Ltd.
A fabless semiconductor company, Yitran Communications Ltd. designs, develops, and markets high performance, low cost PLC (Power Line Communication) modem chips and systems. Yitran's products provide robust and reliable communication over existing electrical wiring and power grids. The technology enables a variety of 'No New Wires' applications, such as Home Automation, Command & Control, AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) and Internet distribution over power lines (in hotels and MDU/MTU markets). Yitran's customer and partner lists include leading companies, such as Renesas, Matsushita Electric Works, Hitachi, KEPCO, Kinden, LG and Microsoft. For further details: http://www.yitran.com/

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SOURCE: YITRAN Communications Ltd.

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