Vigor Gaming Announces Next -Gen Thermoelectric CPU Cooling System for Intel and AMD

If you're CPU is running hot - just cool it! Vigor Gaming Computer announced its Vigor Monsoon II Lite, a thermoelectric cooling system for both Intel Core 2 Duo, and AMD K8 and AMD AM2 CPUs.

Vigor Gaming Announces Next -Gen Thermoelectric

CPU Cooling System for Intel and AMD

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA (March 1, 2007) - Vigor Gaming Computer, a developer of custom gaming rigs and high end peripherals, announced its Vigor Monsoon™ II Lite, a thermoelectric cooling system for both Intel Core 2 Duo, and AMD K8 and AMD AM2 CPUs.

The Monsoon II Lite provides sub -ambient cooling. This means that unlike air and water CPU coolers, which can only cool a system as low as the present room temperature (for example 72 degrees); Monsoon II Lite -equipped systems can be cooled even lower.

Used commonly in the aerospace industry, the thermoelectric chip (TEC), or thermoelectric cooler concept used by Vigor Gaming have not been incorporated for cooling CPUs due to previous condensation and power consumption associated problems. Vigor Gaming resolved these problems by developing a patented advanced software controlled system, which regulates the entire system to eliminate any possibility of condensation and efficiently reduces power consumption.

In addition, it is able to cool down even the most extremely -overclocked CPU by a minimum of 10 degrees Celsius while achieving the highest overclocking frequency.

The thermoelectric cooling is a more efficient and effective solution than others, such as air or water CPU coolers. With water -cooling solutions, leakage as well as the dual dependency of current room temperature is clear disadvantage. Thermal Electric Cooling is based on the concept that when a low voltage DC current is applied to the junction of two connected dissimilar materials, heat can be moved from one material to the other. One side is cooled (cold plate) and the other side is simultaneously heated (hot side). The temperature differential between the sides can be as much as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat pipe/fins arrangement on the Monsoon II Lite enhances cooling by creating a temperature differential that can be moved out of the system.

The Monsoon II Lite series coolers install just like a traditional cooling fan in almost any computer enclosure. The cooling unit is controlled through a PCI card, which utilizes advanced software to automatically control the cooling and the speed of the fan to automatically ensure optimal operating conditions and efficient energy use. Once installed, the unit operates without any required adjustments. The Monsoon II Lite also has an alarm system to alert users to shut down the system in the unlikely event of a TEC malfunction.

The Monsoon II Lite is compatible with all Intel Socket LGA775 / Core 2 Duo CPUs. The Monsoon II Lite is also available in an AMD/AM2 version. List price of both Intel and AMD models is $99. The cooling system is available installed in systems direct from Vigor Gaming at, or as an add -on component from retailers nationwide. Please check the Vigor Gaming website for resellers.

About Vigor Gaming

Vigor Gaming, headquartered in the City of Industry, California is a manufacturer of leading -edge gaming technology, peripherals, and extreme computing rigs. Founded in 2004, Vigor's engineering team consists of seasoned computer hardware veterans whose charter is to deliver performance, craftsmanship and durability. For more information, contact Vigor Gaming at 1 -866 -907 -3536,

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