Speaker System is 'One of the Best' Reviewed by Editors in 2006

MARLBORO, NJ - February 28, 2007 - During 2006 editors at E -Gear magazine reviewed countless consumer electronics products but only selected the cream of the crop for the Editors' Choice Top 40 Awards. KEF's Home Theatre KHT3005 speaker system made the cut for being among one of the best speaker setups reviewed in 2006. According to E -Gear editors, the KEF KHT3005 was: "one of the best small speaker home theater systems…and definitely the best looking." As part of the selection process editors analyzed the product's "…performance, uniqueness, ingenuity, features and value."

"KEF is thrilled to be placed on E -Gear's Top 40 list for 2006," said Alec Chanin, president of KEF America. "The 3000 series continues the tradition of the KHT Home Theatre range by offering innovative refinements in audio reproduction that result in a 5.1 system delivering the full dialogue and impressive sound effects of today's digital soundtracks, as well as the streamlined looks to match the contemporary interiors of design -conscious consumers."

A full review of the KHT3005 can be found in the February issue of E -Gear magazine.

About the KHT3005 Speaker System

The KEF KHT3000 Series Speaker System consists of four graceful, egg -shaped satellite speakers encased in cast aluminum, an elegant dedicated center channel speaker, and the rich and powerful HTB2 subwoofer. When all six components are installed, the KHT3005 System delivers complete 5.1 audio for the authentic home theater experience - and all from five unobtrusive, sleek speaker enclosures. With its crystalline sound, superior dynamic range, and tiny footprint, KEF's elegant speaker system is the perfect marriage of style and sound.

Rather than separate the tweeter and woofer into separate cones, the KHT3005 satellites incorporate KEF's patented, exclusive Uni -Q® design, which uses advances in magnetic technology to mount the .75 -inch tweeter within the 4.25 -inch woofer cone itself. The result is substantially improved off -axis response, widening the optimum listening area and enabling the listener to experience the full effect of 5.1 theater audio from anywhere in the room.

Every aspect of the system's design has been engineered to look and sound stunning. From the decision to design a dedicated center channel speaker to handle the enormous dynamic range of digital film sources, and a complete rethinking of how to marry performance and design in the subwoofer, KEF's engineers have delivered a 5.1 satellite system that looks and sounds like no other system currently available.

The KHT3005 system retails at an MSRP of $1,500.

Talking Points:
• KEF's KHT3005 wins E -Gear magazine's Editors' Choice Top 40 Awards.
• KHT3005 was among best products reviewed by editors for 2006.
• The KHT3005 System delivers complete 5.1 audio for the authentic home theater experience.
• The KHT3005 retails at an MSRP of $1,500.

About KEF Audio

KEF Audio, a division of GP Acoustics, is a UK based company that has earned a reputation as the premier manufacturer of stunning, audiophile -quality speakers for modern home cinema, hi -fi and custom installation applications. KEF products which are distributed around the globe, have won awards from both sides of the Atlantic, as KEF is a brand name long associated with style, quality and technical innovation.

Founded in 1961 by a British electrical engineer named Raymond Cooke on the banks of the River Medway, KEF is driven by a passionate belief in the power of new materials, new technologies and design ingenuity. Still occupying the same riverbank site, KEF passionately remains true to its patented, proven technologies such as Uni -Q® and ACE®. These characteristics, traditions and above all sound quality, secure KEF's world -class reputation.

About KEF America, Inc.

KEF America, a division of KEF Audio, offers loyal North American audiophiles a stream of innovative speakers and components unmatched in the industry. Headquartered in Marlboro, New Jersey, KEF America shares the same guiding principles as its British counterpart: ground -breaking design, exceptional sound and an unshakeable commitment to excellence.

For additional information about KEF and its award -winning products, please visit

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