iZ3D to Host \'Meant To Be Seen\' (MTBS) at Game Developers Conference.

Designed for Stereoscopic 3D Solutions (S-3D), Videogame Developers, and Gamers to Advocate, Certify, and Promote S-3D Compatible Products and Videogames.

GDC - San Francisco, Calif. - Booth # 5512 NH, February 28, 2007— Neil Schneider Productions Inc. and iZ3D LLC are pleased to announce the launch of “Meant to be Seen” (MTBS), a new Stereoscopic 3D advocacy, certification, and discount organization at the Game Developers Conference. The organization was created to promote reliable software standards that will result in a truly immersive 3D gaming experience for videogame consumers, and low cost problem free development for game publishers. iZ3D is the first company to provide an unrestricted education grant to help make this organization possible, and “Meant to be Seen” will have a presence at iZ3D Booth # 5512 NH during the show.

Stereoscopic 3D solutions offer visible depth through two -dimensional media. This is a huge breakthrough in videogame technology, because it adds an intense immersion and thrill to otherwise ordinary games. Examples include munitions flying outside the screen, explosions that really EXPLODE, and characters that seem to reach out and touch the player. In a competitive field such as videogame development, this is a benefit that today’s game publishers can’t afford to overlook.

Independently run, MTBS represents the interests of end consumers and providers of stereoscopic solutions including LCD shutter glasses, Polarized Monitors, Auto -Stereoscopic Monitors, Head Mounted Displays (HMD), Stereoscopic Projection Systems, and future technologies in the field. To aid game purchasers in making informed buying decisions, MTBS will be certifying games both in the market and in development according to their level of stereoscopic hardware compatibility.

“iZ3D is pleased to help sponsor this ground breaking initiative. Hardware and software stereoscopic solutions have come a long way, and MTBS offers so many clear benefits for all parties including stereoscopic 3D manufacturers, game publishers, and most importantly, the game players. We really didn’t have a choice but to get involved,” stated Thomas Striegler, CEO of iZ3D.

MTBS will be releasing version 1.0 of the “Meant to be Seen Stereoscopic 3D Programming Guide” for game developers at the conference. Based on a variety of game industry sources, this non -proprietary guide gives programmers the tools needed to release software with little to no S -3D compatibility issues. Attendees will receive a free copy of the guide at the iZ3D booth during the show.

“Stereoscopic 3D gamers are the most valuable players in today’s market. They spend thousands of dollars on computer systems simply to play videogames,” said Neil Schneider, President and CEO of “Meant to be Seen”. “When game manufacturers realize the power of this burgeoning market and make minor adjustments in their software rendering, it will greatly increase their chances of selling their games in this competitive marketplace. Furthermore, MTBS will officially award and certify their work, and give them a complementary ad campaign on http://www.mtbs3d.com” Schneider added.

Attendees are encouraged to register for free membership at the “Meant to be Seen” website. Members will benefit from industry news, technical support, and current certification standings. MTBS members will also have eventual involvement in the videogame certification process.

As an added incentive, the new 22” iZ3D monitor will be discounted for MTBS members by almost 20%.

New advisory board members are also being interviewed for participation opportunities, and interested parties can apply through the “Meant to be Seen” website.

To learn more about MTBS, please visit http://www.mtbs3d.com or contact:

Mr. Neil Schneider, President and CEO
Meant to be Seen
Tel. (416)240 -1679
Email neils@mtbs3d.com

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iZ3D, LLC, is headquartered in San Diego. It develops and markets iZ3D brand products for the electronic entertainment market as well as for commercial and professional visualization applications. Three -dimensional imaging is gaining appreciable attention in the display market, and interest in the various iZ3D visualization technologies is rapidly increasing.

Due to the popularity of the initial iZ3D monitor product from Neurok Optics LLC, a US -based 3D technology developer and marketing company, a new joint venture has formed with Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), a Taiwan -based leading worldwide TFT -LCD manufacturing company.

The newly formed company specializes in the design and engineering of advanced 3D visualization products, and specifically targets Game and Entertainment as its initial markets. For more information, visit http://www.iz3d.com.

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