Revolutionary Upgradeability for Structured Wiring Enclosures


Revolutionary Upgradeability for Structured Wiring Enclosures

Campbell, Calif. - February 6, 2007 - Home Director, Inc., a provider of reliable infrastructure and control products for the Connected Home market, today announced the introduction of their 4th generation of Network Connection Center™ structured wiring enclosures that offer unparalleled upgradeability.

The new generation of Network Connection Center structured wiring enclosures provides data, voice, music, video, and other media distribution to a number of locations in the home. The enclosures come in a variety of sizes from 14" to 60" in length.

The focus of the 4th generation is to enable more upgradeability than ever before. A good example of this upgradeability can be seen in the covers for the enclosures. All sizes come with either the standard Contractor cover or the new Elite cover. The latter effectively doubles the usable space of the enclosure making the 60" enclosure equivalent to a 120" enclosure from any other vendor - making it capable of adding more technology than ever before - either initially, or as an upgrade at any later point in time.

The new product line includes modules for the standard distribution of telephone and Ethernet at competitive prices, but also includes upgrade paths for those modules to greater functionality. For example, the standard telecom module can be upgraded to the new WireSaver™ Telephone and Ethernet distribution module at any time. The new module enables the same Cat5 or Cat6 cable that only offered telephone distribution initially, to now offer both telephone and Ethernet in the same cable thus increasing home value with existing wiring.

"With over 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing structured wiring enclosures, Home Director has seen a lot of things that work, and a lot that don't," said Dave Hurley, VP of marketing of Home Director. "Our new 4th generation of structured wiring enclosures is reliable, fast to install, and has a competitive entry price, but more than any other product line of structured wiring enclosures that came before it, this product line is truly upgradeable."

"My customers like the fact that this product line lets them upgrade in the future," said Bob Schiffman, Vice President Kelley Technologies, a national integrator of advanced communication and entertainment technologies, "and I like it because it gives me a competitive entry price with the ability to up sell the luxury that is enabled by this technology - either now, or in the future. It's quite the product line - StraightShot enclosure, size -doubling cover, extra large enclosures, integrated WiFi, WireSaver, ConnectionPoint - there's more innovation in this product line than the industry has seen in the last 10 years."

The new generation of Network Connection Center structured wiring enclosures are available for both in -wall and surface mount installation. The in -wall series are available in 14, 28, 36, 42 and 60 inch lengths. The surface mount are available in 15 and 25 inch lengths.

In association with the rollout of the new Network Connection Center structured wiring enclosures is the new Home Theater ConnectionPoint™ connection plate that is quick to install and adds yet another level of upgradeability to the product line.

The development of this product line has resulted in the application for patents on: the StraightShot backplane, the cover that doubles the size of the enclosure, the integrated WiFi access point router, the WireSaver, and an additional patent on an unannounced product.

All enclosures are made in the U.S.A. and are available immediately. Prices vary with lengths and options.

About Home Director:
Home Director delivers reliable infrastructure and control products for the Connected Home. The company's complete line of wired and wireless products provides affordable solutions to home entertainment, communications and comfort, and offers unique opportunities for networking within production home communities. Learn more about us on the web at www.HomeDirector.com.

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