Company Improves Operational Efficiencies with State-Of-The-Art Shipping "Turbo Line", Incremental Warehouse Space, and Personnel Staffing Solutions in Response to Double Digit Increases in Sales and Order Volume Projected for 2007 and Beyond.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ. - February 20, 2007 - - DBL Distributing, Inc., one of the largest wholesalers of consumer electronics in the United States, today announced the implementation of several capital and operational improvements designed to increase efficiency as the company accommodates double digit gains in their customer base, product inventory levels and gross sales for 2007 and beyond. With the addition of a new advanced "Turbo Line" to support outbound shipping activities, incremental warehouse space and improved workforce management, DBL will better service independent retailers and Internet fulfillment customers nationwide by stocking and shipping more consumer electronic products and accessories throughout peak volume periods associated with seasonal retail demands.

DBL expects these improvements to have an immediate impact on their state -of -the -art receiving, stocking and distribution infrastructure, which is co -located with their corporate headquarters in a 144,000 sq. foot facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. DBL is well positioned to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations in order fulfillment, service levels and customer satisfaction. DBL's service level commitment for customers is to ship every order received before 5 p.m. MST the same day it is received.

DBL began implementation and testing of the "Turbo Line" in the fourth quarter of 2006 and recently introduced the technology into production. The "Turbo Line" is an integrated order fulfillment system which employs the latest in order management technology including an end -to -end process that automates the scanning, weighing, taping and shipping label process for each order. The entire process produces accurate shipping instructions with information generated by the scanning application.

"The addition of our turbo line is an exciting milestone in DBL history," states Michael Balaskovits, DBL's senior vice president of operations. "We can better serve our customers with this newly deployed infrastructure, technology and processes by decreasing the error rate and overall time taken to ship a package while increasing our total packages shipped per day. DBL ships all packages the same day that are ordered before 5 p.m. MST".

For additional efficiency during high volume ordering periods, DBL has implemented staffing solutions capable of leveraging third shifts and part time staffing when needed. DBL has also added pallet racking to increase capacity for more inventory while adding customized racks for big screen televisions with sixty inch deep bays and metal plate decking.

About DBL Distributing, Inc.
DBL Distributing, Inc. is one of the nation's top distributors of consumer electronics accessories and related products, with more than 32,000 retail customers nationwide. Headquartered in a custom -built 144,000 square foot facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, DBL carries more than 17,000 products from more than 380 quality manufacturers. DBL offers same day shipping for order placed by 5:00pm MST, a best price for 1 or 100 piece policy and a have no minimum order policy. DBL's business strategy proves that customers come first. For more information please visit http://www.dbldistributing.com/ or contact them at 800.733.6766.

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