New 'IPTV' Venture - Med1a Launches With Proposition To Monetise IPTV

- Gary Corbett, CEO of Opera Telecom and Jamie Branson, CEO of T2eUK join forces to launch Consulting and Technology Enabler, Med1a -

16th February 2007 - IPTV Consultancy and Technology Enabler, Med1a, has been launched to help Media Companies and Special Interest Groups to monetise their proposition utilising the latest advancements and availability of IPTV. Gary Corbett, who is also CEO of Opera Telecom - No. 1 in Sunday Times list of fastest growing companies (2004) - joins forces with Jamie Branson, Managing Director of T2eUK Ltd, creator of the View TV platform, to launch Med1a.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, on average consumers spend 10 minutes per day on the Internet and 3.5 hours watching television. However, those consumers who have broadband spend on average 24% of their leisure time on the Internet and 36% watching TV. Undoubtedly the ratio between TV and Internet is closing with the expansion of broadband to the home.

With declining revenue from brand sponsors in traditional media and an increasingly dispersed consumer base, organisations are keen to exploit the highly targeted, highly measurable, online audiences who either view content from their PC, or via an IPTV Set Top Box directly to their TV.

Gary Corbett, Director of Med1a comments, "A flurry of activity in the IPTV market towards the end of 2006 has prompted a raft of interest from organisations as diverse as media conglomerates, special interest groups and charities all keen to jump on the bandwagon. For those companies with a clearly defined strategy, IPTV offers unbeatable benefits over traditional TV delivery methods, such as measurability and consumer targeting, as well as a fantastic revenue opportunity."

However, while a highly viable, potentially profitable medium, IPTV is currently complex to understand and exists within a highly fragmented marketplace. The unwary could easily spend upwards of six months - and £10,000s - in a bid simply to understand the evolving complexities without attaining any real value.

Jamie Branson, Director of Med1a comments, "Consumer behaviour is changing fast and organisations recognise they need to react to that change. Our experience shows that you can't afford to dabble with IPTV - the costs are high and there is a risk of disenfranchising the core consumer base. From choosing the IPTV platform through to creating a business model that effectively combines subscriptions with advertising and interactivity to generate revenue, getting it right from day one will deliver significant competitive advantage. This is where our depth of experience can help get organisations quickly to the point of monetising their offering over IPTV."

Med1a has been launched to provide Consultancy and Technical enablement to those organisations considering IPTV. Med1a has amassed the equivalent of several man -years experience already through its IPTV platform, viewtv, with customers that include Franchise News 24, ChesterTV and Snatch a Deal TV.

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