MuxLab's Revolutionary VGA Balun II Fully Supports Cat5 UTP

MuxLab is pleased to announce its latest breakthrough product for the audio-video cabling market….VideoEase VGA Balun II (500040, 500041, 500042).

Montreal, Canada - MuxLab Inc, leading designer and manufacturer of security video and audio -video connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce its latest breakthrough product for the audio -video cabling market….VideoEase VGA Balun II (500040, 500041, 500042).

The VGA Balun II is the world's first passive device that fully supports VGA (RGBHV) transmission via a one (1) Cat5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable without the need for shielded twisted pair (STP) cable or additional ground wires. This breakthrough in technology allows VGA equipment to be deployed more easily in a structured cabling environment where most pre -installed cable is unshielded twisted pair.

Used as a transmit/receive pair, the VGA Balun II works in conjunction with PCs, laptops, plasma displays, LCD monitors and DLP projectors and is ideal in applications such as classroom video instruction, boardroom projector systems, security video systems and digital signage.

The VGA Balun II includes three (3) models; 500040, 500041 and 500042. The 500040 connects to the PC side and the 500041 or 500042 connect to the display side for connection to equipment with HD15 -Male or HD15 -F connectors respectively.

The VGA Balun II includes a "reset" button for use with more "sync -sensitive" display screens and also features a "local ground terminal" for use in installations where background image noise may be an issue.

The VGA Balun II is ideal for installations where pre -existing UTP must be used and where conduit space is limited, for a more cost -efficient VGA installation. The VGA Balun II supports distances of up to 350 feet at 800x600 via Cat5 UTP.

The cost of installation is attractive versus more expensive active VGA Cat 5 solutions since no active electronics or additional power supplies are needed. Once the projector, cabling and VGA Balun II units are installed, the laptop or PC is plugged into the designated modular Cat 5 outlet. Cabling is neat and no loose cables are lying around. Furthermore there is no need to install shielded twisted pair or add a ninth wire conductor to provide a common ground.

The MSLP is US$100.00 per balun and will be available through MuxLab distributors. For more information, please visit the company's web site at or contact MuxLab at

A 300 DPI product photo is available upon request.

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