Ariane Controls introduces today a 3rd generation of Multi I/O Transceivers

Quebec City, February 12, 2007 - Ariane Controls proudly announces the release of the 3rd generation of its very popular AC-MIO powerline (PLC) Transceivers.

The MIO product family allows interfacing with a wide variety of devices to transport data over the power lines.

A new version called "AC -MIO -U6" features 6 entirely independent I/Os which can be configured to send or receive analog or digital signals. It also features pulse counter functions, thresholds, scale factors, periodic transmissions, etc.

The device is designed as a complete powerline transceiver. It integrates the highly reliable modem PLM -1, an microcontroller, a powerful analog front end with a versatile coupling unit and the power supply. The unit includes a configurable terminal board for easy connection.

The flexibility of AC -MIO -U6 transceiver, combined with the power of the ACP2 protocol and Ariane Devices development software provide a unique way to integrate powerline communication in your environment without design efforts.

The features -packed AC -MIO Transceivers family include:

• AC -MIO -U6: 6 entirely independent and configurable digital or analog I/Os
• AC -MIO -232 (or serial TTL) virtual wire point to point or point to multicast
• AC -MIO -485 virtual wire, point to point or point to multicast
• AC -MIO -SPI direct interfacing to an SPI port
• AC -MIO -RF (soon to be released) powerline to 802.4.15 (Zigbee™) router

ALL are RoHS compliant and are designed to meet international standards

To obtain more information and to place an order for the new MIO Transceivers, please send an e -mail to: or call +1.418.874.1919.

Ariane Controls is a Powerline (PLC) and Wireless Communication Technology developer offering highly differentiated networking solutions. With its unique & enabling Technology, Ariane Controls provides Components suppliers and Systems integrators (OEM's) with the least expensive, most reliable solutions for residential, commercial & industrial building automation and public utilities applications.
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Source : Dan Noiseux, Ariane Controls
(418) 874 -1919

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