Gefen Shows Three New Cable -Free Products

Computer, HDTV and Video Applications Operate Wirelessly While Retaining Hi-Speed Connections

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Innovative new wireless extenders from Gefen demonstrate how skilled engineering and cutting -edge technologies combine to offer greater consumer convenience and ease.

No complex networking is required with these wireless solutions that streamline installations by removing bulky cables and freeing devices to operate in even the most hard -to -access locations. Each still employs the traditional sender and receiver methodology, but various alternative methods deliver signals to the remote destination while retaining a secure connection.

Wireless USB Extender

This 4 -port USB hub enables any four USB devices, both hi - and low -speed devices, to run off the computer, connected with no cables, up to 60 feet in distance line of sight, 30 feet through a wall. It supplies up to 100 Mbps transfer rate and a dongle built into the hub.

Wireless Component Audio Extender

Based on 802.11 a, b, g and n standards, this useful solution delivers pure high definition audio and video (up to 1080i) up to 100 feet through two walls or 300 feet line of sight. Small sender and receiver units take up little space and support both analog and digital audio for a captivating HD experience. IR back channel for control.

Wireless HDMI Extender

Invisible radio signals transmit high definition video and audio signals from the compact sender unit to the receiver located up to 30 -feet away, with flawless resolutions up to 1080i. The unit supports HDCP (high -bandwidth digital content protection) compliance and all HDMI sources and displays. IR back channel for control. Offers an analog audio out for DVI displays.

For more information on Gefen's up -and -coming wireless solutions, visit Gefen at stand 060 where demos and detailed specifications are available.

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Give your customers First-Class Service with Pakedge BakPak

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