NBMI -MEDIALINE new K -series of Digital Signage Displays and ALL -IN -ONE LCD TV at ISE 2007

Showcase at ISE 2007 : MEDIALINE professional digital signage displays, modular TV, stylish aluminum LCD and MEDIALINE 4040HAS all-in-one device.

NBMI -MEDIALINE to Showcase New Digital Signage Displays and All -in -one Internet LCD TV at ISE 2007

Visit MEDIALINE at Booth T -100, Integrated Systems Europe, Amsterdam 30 January to 1 February 2007 and Experience the latest technologies on Digital Signage Displays, Internet LCD TV, Modular LCD TV and miniPC.

Deurne -the Netherlands - - Jan. 25, 2007.
NBMI -MEDIALINE a leading manufacturer and provider of comprehensive display products for digital signage networks, business presentations and digital home today announced that they will launch their new generation MEDIALINE K -series digital signage displays, M -series Modular LCD and H -series Internet LCD TV and MEDIALINE miniPC at ISE 2007 in Amsterdam, 30 January to 1 February 2007.

MEDIALINE 4040HAS represents a New generation of industry leading All -in -one LCDTV solutions. Unprecedented flexibility, user -friendliness and reliability, makes it the perfect display for entrances, boardrooms, classrooms etc. but moreover due to it's builtin PC and TV tuners for digital home. MEDIALINE 4040HAS is the industries most complete all -in -one LCDTV in a stylish black aluminum chassis delivering all functionality in one -device : presentation, e -mail, internet, watch & record LIVE TV, manage libraries of photos, movies, music and more. Among it's wide range of features are 40 -inch Samsung® SDI LCD panel ( max. 1366*768/HD -ready), Intel® processor, builtin DVDRW ( or optional BLUE RAY ), 400GB harddisc, USB Wireless 802.11bg LAN, 7.1 sound output ( via SPDIF) and bundled with the newest Microsoft® Vista Premium software. Moreover for userfriendlyness a small ergonomic RF keyboard with inbuilt minitrackball is bundled as well as two remote controls. It's the ideal tool in many environments such as B2B, education, conference centres and your new digital living room.

Also showcased will be MEDIALINE 4200K professional Digital Signage Display. Breaking the boundaries of display technology this 42 -inch encorporates a builtin PC and can be delivered with optional touch -screen. The chassis is made from robust metal and the display features protection glass. The wide range of MEDIALINE K -series of professional displays covers models ranging from 26 -inch to 57 -inch. There are models for indoor/outdoor, narrow bezel solutions ( 2*2, 2*1, 4*1 etc ) and portrait models. Shortly also MEDIALINE 8200K will be available, this 82 -inch portrait display ( based on Samsung® SDI LCD panel ) is the top model featuring a maximum 1920*1080resolution which makes this display perfectly for high -end public and corporate digital signage solutions. The MEDIALINE K -series of displays are robust, field proven and easy to install.

Further at display is MEDIALINE 2600MP, 26 -inch M -series of modular LCD TV. The very latest engineering technologies are implemented into these new MEDALINE modular series of LCD TV. The design solves many issues of the market where people are stuggling with too many remote controls, too many powercables and too many AV connection cables. The MEDIALINE M -series of LCD TV are based on MGI -versabus connectivity allowing an easy connection of several modules to extend the functionality of the LCD : DVD, PVR ( HDD recording ), DVB -T, IPTV, Wireless LAN 802.11 and Home security. The MEDIALINE M -series are available in four different sizes : 26, 32, 37 and 40 -inch. It's flexibility makes the modular series of LCD TV very suitable for various markets and segments such as home, hotels, holiday parks and corporate digital signage.

Also at showcase are MEDIALINE's latest generation miniPC models B2000D1 and B2000D2. In many environments miniPC are to be preferred instead of the bulky desktop PC. Targeting the digital signage market MEDIALINE B2000D1 offers a super -tiny design just measuring 16.5*16.5*5cm based on an Intel® Core2Duo processor with 512 or 1GB internal memory, 60 -80 or 100GB S -ATA harddisc, embedded Intel® graphics core and on -board Gigabit LAN. Among it's further optional features are a DVD/DVDRW optical drive or inbuilt wireless 802.11bg LAN. It's small size makes it an ideal solution to add to a public display. Targeting the digital home market MEDIALINE offers model B2000D2 miniPC. This model miniPC comes in a stylish black alloy housing and features a standard inbuilt Hybrid Tuner ( analog and DVB -T ). Moreover it's pre -installed with Microsoft® VISTA Premium software and comes bundled with an ergonomic keyboard with inbuilt minitrackball.

MEDIALINE is a division of NBMI - Netherlands Business Machines International a leading developer and provider of innovative comprehensive products in Information Technology, Consumer Electronics and Professional displays.

NBMI is a privately held company with offices and warehouse in the Netherlands. It's products are sold worldwide through it's partners, importers, distributors, agents and resellers in Europe, Middle East, Gulf and Africa. NBMI products are successfully installed with high demanding customers worldwide, meeting a wide range of requirements in the area of advertising, corporate, public, education, media and entertainment.

Visit us at: http://www.nbmi.nl www.medialine.tv

Dukaat 10A,
5751 PW Deurne, the Netherlands
Tel.nr. + 31 493 322264
Press contact: Mr. Ronald van Wanrooij - marketing@nbmi.nl

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