NTI unveils Minirator MR -PRO, a Milestone in portable Signal Generation

NTI presents the Minirator MR-PRO portable Signal Generator. On top of the classic test signals it also provides sweeps, fast chirps and offers playback of WAV based test signals.

Jan 2007, NTI presents the Minirator MR -PRO portable Signal Generator. On top of the classic test signals it also provides sweeps, fast chirps and offers playback of WAV based test signals. With minimal residual distortion of < -96dB, a maximum output level of +18dBu paired with continuous monitoring of the impedance, signal balance and phantom power, the MR -PRO sets a new milestone in the Minstruments family.

The battery operated MR -PRO is optimized for maximum functionality for professional contractors, systems verification and faultfinding tasks. The ergonomic housing with its shock protector and the scratch resistant display has been optimized for field use and heavy duty applications.

The innovative multi function rotary wheel and efficient function keys ensure fast access to the signal functions and parameter with one hand:
• Sine
• Pink Noise and White Noise
• Logarithmic stepped sweeps
• Gliding chirp signals
• Polarity Test signal (as in MR1)
• Delay test signal for use in conjunction with AL1

In addition to the foregoing, a number of user test signals may be stored as WAV -files in the internal memory and seamlessly looped. Data exchange is simplified via the USB port. This enables the MR -PRO to generate any complex test pattern such as the NTI STI -PA signal, or simply act as line identifier in a broadcast chain.

Measurement functions
Innovative and unique technology enables the MR -PRO to continuously monitor the impedance of the connected load, the line signal balance and phantom power. Plus an integrated cable testing function promotes the MR -PRO to the level of a cable analyzer, simplifying trouble shooting tasks. "The addition of load impedance analysis functionality to a portable generator represents a major innovation in portable audio tool design. It simplifies diagnosis and fault -locating, which greatly increases the professional's productivity at the job site" comments Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTI AG.

Minirator MR2
While the MR -PRO has been optimized with the many extra features, NTI is also offering the MR2, another new Minirator version optimized for value. The MR2 version features the essential functions required to seamlessly and successfully replace the legendary MR1.

Further technical information is obtainable at: www.nti -audio.com.
MR2 und MR -PRO will be available in April 2007.

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