TV One's 1T -C2 Series Nominated for EMEA InAVation Technology Awards 2007

TV One's 1T-C2 Series nominated as Most InAVative signal processing & management product for residential use

MARGATE, KENT, 25th January 2007 - The new 1T -C2 family of Up and Down converters that are based on TV One's exclusive CORIO2™ technology are so incredible that they have been nominated for "Most InAVative signal processing & management product for residential use" in the EMEA InAVation Technology Awards 2007. These hassle -free units joined TV One's growing One -Task™ range of ultra compact products dedicated to performing a single specific function without any unnecessary complexity. Priced from £445 (655) to £615 (905), these uncomplicated units have many automatic features that make conversion simple and are an economic solution to any conversion need.

They can accommodate any computer resolution up to 2048 x 2048 at any vertical refresh rate and HDTV resolutions up to 1080p. Both PAL and NTSC video standards are supported and either Composite or S -Video inputs can be used. A computer bypass is also provided. In addition to signal conversion there are also available features such as Picture -in -Picture, Genlock, Luma and Chroma Keying and Mixing.

Because these CORIO2 products are firmware based, this means that new advanced firmware can be uploaded quickly and easily at no extra cost to the user. This unrivalled ability to upgrade the units is what sets these products apart from similar models on the market. A user with a model several years old can upgrade that unit to the same level as a brand new version of that same model. This means that product features are dynamic in the CORIO2 range and provide "obsolescence insurance" to the user.

All units within thus range can be controlled with an IR or RS -232 remote, third -party control systems or via the Windows Control Software which is included. Automatic resolution detection is included in all models as well as the exclusive AutoSet® feature, which automatically sizes the image to fit the screen. Computer diversity is not an issue since PC, Mac and most Computer Workstation signals formats are accommodated. Variable Zoom can go up to 10x allowing any part of the computer screen to be enlarged while Variable Shrink can go down to 10 percent. Position controls allow movement around any desired area and full bandwidth chroma sampling replicates high resolution colors. These desktop units are also available with a single or dual rackmount option meaning that the versatile units can fit into any space required.

All units in the 1T -C2 series can be seen on demonstration or display at ISE 2007 on TV One's stand A70.

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