TV One Shows its Powerful, Inexpensive Seamless Switchers and Scalers

TV One has made the impossible possible, by developing the C2-1000 series, offering high-powered features at an unthinkable price.

MARGATE, KENT, 25th January 2007 - Using technology that is usually only seen in the higher -powered video processors on the market, TV One has created a family of powerful seamless switchers and scalers that are premium -quality and feature -laden yet are available at a price that anyone can afford.

Ranging from £730 (€1075) to £1290 (€1896) and consisting of 2 Up Converters, 2 Down Converters and a Universal Scaler, these units have been engineered using TV One's proprietary and award -winning CORIO2™ technology and because these products are firmware based, advanced new firmware can be uploaded quickly and easily at no cost to the user. This ensures that the unit is always equal to the latest product released no matter how long ago it was purchased.

With all the features available on the C2 -1000 series, it is easy to find the perfect match to your requirements whether it is Picture -in -Picture, Chroma and Luma Keying, Genlock or Audio Switching, and now separate input expansion modules can also be purchased from TV One, allowing multiple additional inputs for your unit. All these desktop units come with a single or dual rackmount option meaning that these adaptable units can fit into any space.

Technical features of the C2 -1000 line include inputs that are HDTV or PC ready. The maximum input PC resolution is 2048 x 2048 while all of the HDTV resolutions are up to 1080i. Picture alignment is no issue for this series as it uses the Exclusive AutoSet™ which does this automatically. The Chroma Sampling is 4:4:4 for precise colour rendition and keying. The digital sampling rate is 108MHz for pixel level clarity. It also uses a Digital Video Encoder for better signal quality. The C2 -1000 Series also has greater enhanced zoom, shrink and smoothing adding quality to any piece.

All units in the C2 -1000 series can be seen on demonstration or display at ISE 2007 on TV One's stand A70.

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