Edge Blending with TV One C2 -7000 series debut in Europe!

The European debut of Edge Blending with C2-7000 series will be at ISE 2007 in Amsterdam.

MARGATE, KENT, 25th January 2007 - Visitors to the Integrated Systems Europe 2007 Exhibition being held in Amsterdam are sure to be in for a treat as they witness the European debut of the new Edge Blending feature now available on TV One's powerful C2 -7000 series.

This new feature was initially shown for the first time on the TV One stand at Infocomm 2006 and was extremely well -received with a lot of positive feedback. Since this time it has been growing in popularity and is now set to be a huge attraction at the up -coming ISE in January / February 2006.

What is so astounding about Edge Blending with the C2 -7000 is that this seemingly complicated procedure is so simple that it can be performed by anybody and not just Engineering Degree Graduates. The images may be strategically aligned side by side or stacked vertically for a dazzling seamless image. Multiple C2 -7000 units can be added for more dramatic expansion, for example four images can be blended into one just by using two C2 -7000 units. Because of the C2 -7000 Series ability to 'feather' any or all of the edges, images can be aligned vertically, horizontally or both to create unusual displays.

TV One products are based on flexibility which is why Edge Blending is not limited to high resolution RGB computer images, but includes Composite Video, S -Video, YUV or YPbPr Component Video, SD -SDI, HD -SDI, DVI or any of the multiple formats supported by the various C2 -7000 models. Gamma correction is employed to compensate for many of the problems faced when doing edge blending between projectors. For example, an instance where a linear ramp in brightness sent to a projector may not correspond to a linear brightness in the display can be corrected, resulting in a seamless, uniform image.

Blending standard video images is simple since special advance preparations are not needed. A single video image can be sent to the unit and internally processed, divided in half with proper overlaps and fed to two separate projectors from the two independent outputs of the C2 -7000 series unit. For interesting results two separate images can be fed into the unit and processed for blending to create one seamless image. PIP is available for each side of the blended images and the amount of overlap is adjustable making the final aspect ratio variable.

The Edge blending feature can also be used for other effects, such as adding a soft edge to single or dual picture -in -picture (PIP) windows on each output from the C2 -7000 products.

To see this fantastic new Edge Blending feature in action, visit the TV One Stand A70 at ISE 2007.

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