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Adeo Screen is constantly growing in its products: ISE 2007 will only be the first great chance to show concretely our development plans in the offer (especially thanks to the launch of the production units in Poland).

From January 30 through February 1, 2007 at R.A.I.


·"Integrated Systems Europe" is the most important meeting in Europe for audio/video trade sector

·For the third time in Amsterdam, Adeo will present many of its new products. Doubled the exhibition space

Adeo Group will be again among the gotha of international companies working on different levels in audio/video world. This will happen in Amsterdam, from January 30 through February 1, 2007, when Adeo will take part in the "Integrated Systems Europe" fair, the European most important meeting for audio/video professionists.
An international exhibition that has gained more and more success during the years and now is considered the most reliable showcase for video and audio most innovative technologies and for digital integrated solutions, studied for video imaging, digital sign and signage.
Almost all of the most important companies in different fields (audio, control systems, interfacing and distribution, display and projection, environmental controls, home networking and automation, security, rigging, rental and staging, lighting, software, tele/data communications, video production, streaming media, video conferencing) will join Adeo at the fair.
For Adeo Group this is the third time in Amsterdam. An international showcase of high significance and a chance of meeting, exchanging and communicating experiences among specialists.

An international showcase of high significance
That's why taking part to I.S.E. 2007 has for Adeo such a strategic relevance. Every year the fair turns into an occasion to present news and products on an international level and to meet new and firm commercial partners.
Great surprises are waiting for Adeo's visitors: a larger exhibition space (more than doubled) and lots of new products. This to testify even once the dynamic spirit of this company, that has been working hard during the last months to place part of its production in Zlotoryia, Poland. Such an investment has to be considered as strategically decisive for the Italian company. A strengthening in the European market and a further development towards United States and Russia are Adeo's main aims.

Adeo's preview
As said, Amsterdam fair is the most important annual meeting where Adeo will present its new products in the list and its activities.
Three are the most significant news in next I.S.E. edition. First of all Adeo will bring you advance news of "Shado", the screen with inverse motorized rolling (down and up) that is naturally suitable for interior design locations and home theatre rooms.
"Alumax" will be the next new high level product. The new screen with aluminium case for large video rooms (500 -600 cm base screen) will meet the growing demand in Adeo screen range.
And finally the concepts of two new solution, that will be ready within the first month of 2007, will be presented. Among them, the large dimension screens (700/1200 cm base) and the system for rolling screen mounting in false ceiling.

Featured Product

ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

The M1 Gold Security & Automation Control combines security, fire, energy management, lighting, and access control to provide total control of the home. Easily integrating with products of industry partner manufacturers, M1 controls offer a truly customized solution. With remote access capabilities and simple, user-friendly interfaces, M1 keeps homeowners informed and in control, anytime, anywhere! ELK's Two-Way Wireless family of products for the M1 offers a truly secure and reliable wireless solution with cutting edge techniques such as frequency hopping and UL approved jamming detection to defend against interference, hacking, and jamming. Advanced features ensure reliability, extend battery life, and provide innovative security enhancements including wirelessly interconnected smoke detectors, motion detectors with built-in security/convenience lights, and key fobs with a system status inquiry button, allowing users to see if an alarm has been activated before entering the home.