Smart -e\'s new HD compatible SNX -16x32 switch is a great all -rounder

Smart-e's new AV HD compatible multi-format switch offers versatility and massive capacity

NEW: Smart -e's new AV HD compatible SNX -16x32 switch is a great all -rounder

Smart -e will be demonstrating the SmartNet -16x32 (SNX -16x32) distribution switch at the ISE 2007 Show. Developed and manufactured by Smart -e, the new versatile matrix is a multi -format switch featuring 16 outputs and 32 inputs and delivers High Definition (HD) compatible professional quality images and sound. Signals are transmitted, via CAT5/5e/6/7/8 structured cabling, from DVD players, set -top boxes, video cameras, laptops and PCs to flat LCD and plasma screens, cinematic projectors and VGA monitors.

The system's multi -screen capacity together with its compact size, affordability and the removal of the need for masses of unsightly cable, has made it a great 'all rounder', and attracted interest from many industry sectors. Access to a multitude of channels at the flick of a switch and the versatility of multi -media points for televisions, DVD players, home cinema, PCs, speakers and telephones has attracted the high specification home entertainment market. The high resolution picture clarity has resulted in the system being deployed in training environments where students are required to replicate practical tasks of a trainer simultaneously, whilst the system is also becoming popular with corporate users seeking a cost -effective and versatile solution for presentations, staff training and information relay,

The system works in conjunction with AMX and Crestron controls and is connected via CAT5 cable, which is inexpensive, robust and easy to install. The Smart -e switch routes up to 16 UXGA (Ultra eXtended Graphics Array) stereo audio and IR sources to 32 destinations, which can be conveniently located up to 300 metres from the main unit.

The SNX -16x32 supports RGBS (Red, Green, Blue & Syncs), UXGA, YUV (luminance & colour -difference signals), Y/C (luminance & chrominance) and CVBS (Composite Video Blanking & Syncs). The switch features IR and RS422 matrix control options and integrated RS232 control of displays as well as built -in lightning, power surge and transient protection.

Available direct from Smart -e together with an installation manual and on -line technical support, the SNX16x32 is a sizeable and flexible matrix switch, suitable for many applications. For further information contact Smart -e Limited on tel: 01483 283365.

Visit Smart -e at ISE 2007 on stand I131

Smart -e Limited, Ranmore Manor, Ranmore Common, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6SX
t: +44 (0) 1483 283365, f: +44 (0) 1483 281511, e: sales@smart, w:

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