FutureProof Flat Screen Installations by WeConnectit

NY's Finest Home Theater install team ensures that every flat screen installation is Futureproofed! Futureproofed means you can connect to any and all future media types.

When y

ou visit the electronics store or view consumer electronics advertisements you often get overwhelmed with acronyms like 1080p, DLNA, USB, HDMI, Component Video, HDTV, Ethernet, MPEG -2, and UPnP. Even the most savvy consumers are fooled by poorly trained sales people that don't care if they sell you a pile of electronics that does not work together properly. We -Connect -IT insulates you from all the worries and jargon and sales pitches by making sure you have the correct components and cables for present and future media enjoyment. We futureproof your TV to connect to your iPod, Camera, PC, Cable, Satellite, Receiver, and many other Information Technology devices coming your way. We -Connect -IT. After all, technology was made to enjoy. Call 516 -690 -1485 for more details.

Featured Product

Video Mount Products DVR-LB3

Video Mount Products DVR-LB3

The DVR-LB3 is a low profile DVR lockbox design for 19-inch equipment racks. It is 2-post or 4-post mountable with adjusting rear flanges to accommodate a variety of rack depths. The DVR-LB3 is designed for both active or passive thermal management to accommodate whatever situation is necessary. Additional specs include interior dimensions of 17.2in. W x 21in. D x 5in H, stand alone or rack mountable with a 3 RU overall height (5.25-in.), interlocking lift off lid, multiple vents with removable vent blockers, single fan included with mounting location for second fan, key locked hinged front door, and black static resistant powder coat finish.