Home Audio with No Strings Attached for the Ultimate in Installation Flexibility

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LAS VEGAS, NV - January 8, 2007 - Home theater enthusiasts looking for a surround sound speaker system that balances audiophile -quality sound with unlimited installation flexibility need to look no further than KEF's newest solution, KEF Wireless. The engineers at KEF set out to eliminate one of the most frustrating necessities in consumer electronics - - the speaker wire. Too often a challenge for homeowners reluctant to compromise their room's décor with ugly cables running across the floor to the rear speakers, the KEF wireless system utilizes proprietary technology to deliver CD quality audio without the burden of drilling holes through the walls or tripping over long unsightly cables.

Initially offered in two iterations; as an aftermarket solution for use with any existing speaker system, or as the 5000W system designed to complement the heralded KHT 5000 Series of products, the KEF Wireless System features an elegant transmitter and two matching receivers. The receivers house two robust yet diminutive 50 watt digital power amplifiers. Both versions of KEF Wireless are slated for a late 1st Quarter 2007 introduction and are expected to retail for $499.99.

In order to achieve robust audiophile -grade sound, KEF has developed a leading -edge 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology that uses the most advanced error -protection and sophisticated adaptive frequency -hopping to ensure an interference -free signal. This proprietary technology is pre -emptive and will change channels automatically to a pre negotiated frequency (within the best available band) before any errors start to occur. CD quality audio won't be affected by microwave ovens, cordless phones, or LAN routers. Homeowners have the flexibility of placing their rear speakers anywhere they want as well as moving them to different locations if desired.

"KEF's wireless system provides high -resolution audio without the degradation, distortion and latency issues that have plagued other wireless audio products on the market," stated Alec Chanin, President of KEF America. "Unlike Wi -Fi, which has several bandwidth limitations including broadcast over a single frequency and radio interference, we utilize advanced RF communications to ensure the highest fidelity noise -free audio reproduction."

KEF Wireless Technology - Key Features

•Full bandwidth CD quality audio assured via 2.4GHz radio frequency communications for real time audio delivery with no mutes or dropouts
•HFADPCM (hi -fidelity adaptive differential pulse code modulation) with advanced forward error correction assures interference -free audio reproduction, unaffected by devices such as wireless LAN routers, digital cordless telephones or microwave ovens
•Simple, convenient setup: Position the speakers, receivers and transmitter. Connect speaker cables from the AV receiver to the KEF Wireless transmitter. When power is connected, the transmitter and receiver automatically locate each other, indicated by a flashing blue light that turns to a solid blue light.
•Integrated wireless receivers are compatible with wall -mounted, desk -mounted or floor -standing speaker configurations.

Talking Points:

•KEF releases Wireless Speaker System
•Home audio without the wires, provides great installation flexibility
•CD quality sound via leading -edge 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology using advanced error -protection and sophisticated adaptive frequency -hopping
•Robust, interference -free audio reproduction, unaffected by devices such as wireless LAN routers, digital cordless telephones or microwave ovens
•The Wireless Series unveils at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 8 to January 11 - Hilton Suite 330.

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