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Users now can get 1000s of podcasts from the Associated Press, Bon Appetit, Motor Trend, National Geographic, New York Times, BBC World Service & the British Broadcasting Corporation as well as from iTunes, Juice/iPodder, and others.

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New Software Version Adds On -Demand Podcast Streaming to the Largest Variety of Internet and XM Radio Online Content with a Single Click

INTERNATIONAL CES, LAS VEGAS, Nev., Jan. 8, 2007 - Today, the developers of SelectRadio Internet radio and satellite radio software for smartphones and PDAs announced that users now can get streaming podcasts, making it easier to find and listen to the rapidly growing universe of podcast programs. This new capability adds podcast content to the unprecedented variety of audio content from thousands of internet radio, news and talk channels and XM Radio Online channels that can be accessed with SelectRadio software.

To kick off the new capability, SelectRadio includes a set of podcast presets from a variety of sources such as the Associated Press, Bon Appetit, Motor Trend, National Geographic, New York Times, BBC World Service and the British Broadcasting Corporation (podcasts offered through the end of February as part of the BBC's podcast trial initiative).

Users of the new SelectRadio software simply can click on a podcast program name to begin listening to the most current version of a podcast. Users can then view information about the current episode displayed in the "now playing" area of the SelectRadio screen. Users can easily review other episodes and quickly skip to a prior episode if desired. The new SelectRadio software can also sequentially play the available podcast episodes, skipping those already played to create a "virtual channel" playback experience. The podcast program entries can be seamlessly organized in custom screens with other podcast programs or streaming audio channels for easy access by topic, genre, user, etc.
SelectRadio automatically checks for the latest podcast episodes or allows users to manually check for new episodes. The software's podcast streaming technology and management tools remove the hassles typically associated with subscribing, downloading and managing such content - - Arbitron recently reported that while 22 percent of U.S. consumers are familiar with podcasts, only half of them have actually listened to a podcast.*

The new software also utilizes the emerging Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) standard to enable users to easily import podcast program lists from desktop applications such as Juice (formerly iPodder), iTunes and social networking websites offering podcast directories and list export such as The OPML import feature also provides an easy means for podcast listeners to share their favorite podcast lists with SelectRadio users. Users can also enter or copy individual podcast links directly from their mobile browser into SelectRadio software.

SelectRadio software uses the smartphone or PDA's network connection to provide audio access on the go, in the office, or at home. For easy access to popular broadcasters, SelectRadio software includes pre -set channels from top broadcasters, such as Internet radio pioneer radioio (, AccuRadio; XM Radio Online (Nasdaq:XMSR); and Shoutcast. Users can combine favorite channels and podcasts into custom groups for easy access and create a "virtual dashboard" showing what's playing across multiple channels, with one -touch access. With its patent -pending HyperScan™ technology, SelectRadio software automatically seeks favorite artists and can be set to skip specified artists.

SelectRadio software is compatible with Intel XScale 270 -series handheld phones and PDAs such as the Treo 700 series, the UTStarcom 6700, and the HP hw65/69xx, the latest Dell Axim models, and others with Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003/WM 5.0 PPC or Phone Edition operating systems. For live listening, SelectRadio software requires a network connection via either the handheld wireless GPRS/EDGE, EVDO, or WiFi connection or through the USB ActiveSync connection to the desktop. SelectRadio software is priced at $25 for a device -specific license. Customers using licensed copies of SelectRadio v2.x can upgrade the same device to the new v3.0 for free. A free 10 -day fully functional trial is available for evaluation prior to purchase at

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* Arbitron report - "The Infinite Dial: Radio's Digital Platforms, 2006"

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