Sonance Announces New Home Theater Subwoofers

Sonance's Cabinet Subwoofers encompass sizes and costs to complement a wide range of system needs, with the performance and value designers and consumers alike expect from Sonance.

San Clemente, CA -January 2007 -Sonance, originator of the in -wall loudspeaker and acknowledged leader in loudspeakers and components for high -performance custom -installed home A/V systems, has unveiled a trio of new freestanding subwoofers. The Cabinet Subwoofers encompass sizes and costs to complement a wide range of system needs, with the performance and value designers and consumers alike expect from Sonance.

"While Sonance has been most closely associated with in -wall and in -ceiling speakers, our line of subwoofers continues to garner critical acclaim," said Chief Marketing Officer Steve Crawford. "Our new Cabinet Subwoofers are specifically engineered to complement our architectural speaker models in both acoustical performance and cosmetics, with key design features for custom -style systems."

Each of the new models -the 12 -250, 10 -150, and 8 -100 -begins with a family of anodized -aluminum drivers in dimensions of 12, 10, and 8 -inches respectively. These highly capable transducers all feature exceedingly high ratios of stiffness to mass -an essential foundation for accurate, low -distortion, "quick" bass. All three subwoofer drivers feature extra -long -throw voice coils for highly linear, long -excursion motion which is required for room -shaking bass. The new cabinet enclosures are also unusual: a unique laminate of half -inch thick MDF and half -inch particle board yields one of the most rigid, nonresonant and thus coloration -free family of enclosures available. Another uncommon element is the trio's inclusion of high -pass outputs for both line - and speaker -level connections, making accurate full -range sound and easy hook -up possible even in multiroom or other systems in which a full crossover may not be available from the receiver, preamp, or controller for every room or zone.

The smooth, compact form of the Cabinet Subwoofers is immediately noticeable. Recessed amplifier and electronics, recessed grilles, and front -mounted controls permit all three models to be installed flush into tight spaces, in -cabinet or even sunken or partially in -wall placement. In all three cases, the front -panel controls provide easy access to crossover frequency, phase, and bypass, with behind -the -grille -security.

With three models well -differentiated in size and price the new Sonance Cabinert Subwoofers are positioned to complement a wide range of systems. The Sonance model 12 -250 combines a 12 -inch aluminum -cone driver with 250 watts of built -in power to deliver true bass extension down to 22 Hz -from a cabinet that measures just 15x18x16 inches. The Sonance 10 -150 nearly equals this impressive performance, with 28 Hz bass extension from a 10 -inch driver/150 watts combination, while the model 8 -100's 8 -inch transducer and 100 -watt electronics combine for a still -impressive 35 Hz figure and for dimensions of 12x14x12 inches that are sure to be just as welcome.

Each Sonance cabinet subwoofers has a high -gloss black finish with black -knit grilles. All three will be available January 2007 at the following manufacturer's suggested pricing:

Sonance model 12 -250 Cabinet Subwoofer $1,000.00
Sonance model 10 -150 Cabinet Subwoofer $ 750.00
Sonance model 8 -100 Cabinet Subwoofer $ 525.00

About Sonance Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Sonance was founded by Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer who introduced the world's first in -wall loudspeaker system to the consumer electronics market in 1982. With distribution in 45 countries around the world, Sonance remains at the forefront of technology by offering innovative design solutions that harmoniously blend sound with designs favored by leading custom integrators, architects, interior - design professionals, and design -conscious clients throughout the world.

For further information visit or contact the company at 212 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672, Telephone: 800 -582 -0771.

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