Value and Performance Are Cornerstones of New Jamo C 60 Series

Leading Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Jamo has updated its popular Concert E 8 Series of loudspeakers with new cosmetics and innovative audio technologies adapted from its high-end lines. The result is the elegant new Jamo C 60 Series.

INDIANAPOLIS (January 8, 2007) ― Leading Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Jamo has updated its popular Concert E 8 Series of loudspeakers with new cosmetics and innovative audio technologies adapted from its high -end lines. The result is the elegant new Jamo C 60 Series, a range of affordable speakers that perform far above their price points.

Designed to deliver both high -impact home cinema and genuine musical reproduction, the C 60 Series includes eight models - two floorstanding speakers, two bookshelf models, a center channel, a dipolar surround speaker and two active subwoofers.

The C 60 Series benefits cosmetically from a redesigned grille/top -plate, a new diamond -cut aluminium logo, as well as the attractive Dark Apple and Black Ash finishes.

Common features throughout the range include:

Decoupled Tweeter Technology (DTT) - fully de -coupled silk -dome tweeters for better high frequency reproduction.

Waveguide - a unique tweeter faceplate that enables even sonic dispersion.

Hard Conical Cones - a distinctive woofer cone design that doesn't suffer audible breakup at working frequencies.

C 607 and C 605 Speakers
The C 607 is a powerful 3 -way floorstanding bass -reflex loudspeaker equipped with a 1 -inch tweeter, 6 -inch midrange and a pair of 6 -inch woofers. High -quality satin -chrome bi -wirable terminals are located on the rear of the cabinet and stabilization spikes are the same as used in Jamo's flagship R 909 loudspeaker.

The C 605 is similar to the C 607 but without the midrange driver, making the C 605 a 2½ -way speaker housed in a shorter cabinet. Low frequency response extends to a generous 37Hz.

C 603 and C 601 Bookshelf Speakers
The C 603 is the larger of two bookshelf models with a 2 -way bass -reflex design. It may be wall -mounted with the supplied bracket. A single 5.5 -inch mid/bass driver joins a 1 -inch DTT tweeter.

The C 601 is a compact bookshelf speaker designed to squeeze into tight spaces. Perfect as a front or surround satellite, the C 601 features a 1 -inch tweeter and a 4 -inch mid/bass driver.

C 60 CEN Center Channel
A slim -line, 2 -way bass -reflex center -channel speaker, the C 60 CEN features a pair of 4 -inch woofers and a 1 -inch tweeter. The drive units are timbre -matched with the other C 60 models.

C 60 SUR Dipolar Speaker
The C 60 SUR, a dipolar speaker designed for rear -channel home cinema surround sound, distributes sound evenly. Dipolar speakers often lack bass, but the C 60 SUR's Midrange Phase Diffusion (MPD) incorporates a solution with a midrange driver wired in opposite phase to the driver on the other side of the speaker.

SUB 650/SUB 550
The SUB 650 and 550 active subwoofers deliver low -frequency enhancement when partnered with the C 603/C 601 bookshelf speakers. The sealed -box SUB 650 is the heaviest -hitting option, with a front -firing 12 -inch long -throw woofer. With 650W of peak power, the SUB 650 reproduces low frequencies down to a 24Hz.

The SUB 550 subwoofer is perfect for lighter applications. It sports a 10 -inch woofer in a slotted port cabinet and is driven by a 550W amplifier. A front -mounted control allows quick and easy volume adjustment without having to reach around to the back of the subwoofer cabinet.

About Jamo
Jamo designs, manufactures and markets a range of high -quality consumer loudspeakers, electronics, control systems and accessories for the retail and installation industry. Jamo was founded in 1968 with focus on innovative technology and Danish design. Today, Jamo's products are sold in more than 80 different countries including China, where there are over 100 company -owned and franchise Jamo retail stores. Jamo International is headquartered in Glyngre, Denmark and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Klipsch Group, Inc.

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