Empirical Audio debuts USB Tube DAC at THE Show 2007

Empirical Audio will be demonstrating our new Spoiler USB Tube DAC in our listening suite at the St. Tropez # 1203 during 2007 CES. The Spoiler is a high-end Tube DAC that can be driven directly from a computer or a Transport.

The Empirical Audio Spoiler Tube DAC is an all -out assault to produce the very best -sounding USB DAC. Nothing but the best components are used inside. Our low jitter USB to I2S converter is inside with a custom I2S interface. The I2S interface minimizes the jitter of the most important clocks driving the D/A chipset.

Things that make this DAC sound extraordinary:

-PCM1704U -K D/A chips - some of the best -sounding D/A chips ever produced

-Simple Tube output driver circuit with precision I/V conversion

-The best -sounding 6922 tubes ever manufactured, Siemens cca grey -plates

-Ultra -transparent output coupling caps (proprietary)

-High -quality Black Gate FK and Relcap Teflon caps in the right values and the right locations for optimum dynamics

-All digital signal paths optimized for low -jitter

-Uses our excellent Off -Ramp I2S converter

-USB converter clocked by a modified Superclock4

The Power Supply delivers the best bass you have ever heard from tubes, as well as dynamics that match the best SS DAC's. The transient response is actually as fast or faster than any Solid State DAC. Details galore with depth and width imaging that is unlike anything we have heard before. Even with loud foreground transients, you can hear quiet detailed instruments and voices in the background. Most realistic violin solos that we have heard from any DAC.

The Spoiler can be converted to include an internal Pace Car I2S reclocker when it is available. The Pace -Car will reduce the already low jitter to inaudible levels.

1) USB
2) S/PDIF coaxial - 75 ohm Nextgen RCA or 75 ohm Canare BNC

Outputs: Single -ended RCA's

Sample rates supported: 16/44.1, 24/48, 24/88.2, 24/96

Tube compliment: Two Siemens CCA grey -plates

Tube cooling chimneys that help shield the tubes and keep the interior cool

S/PDIF input is galvanically isolated to eliminate ground -loops

USB Clock - Modified Superclock4

External power jack for USB converter to allow external battery power (switchable)

Sorbothane feet

Ear Isodamp SD125 chassis resonance control

Furutech IEC

Display disable from front panel

-Spoiler DAC with tubes
-Belkin 5m USB cable
-Optimum custom Power Cord
-PC and MAC Software - SRC, ASIO, Foobar, EAC, Drivers
-Wall -wart for powering USB interface

Spoiler Pricing and options (shipping not included)

Spoiler with Siemens cca grey -plate tubes - MSRP $5999.00

Spoiler with Amperex 7308 White -Label tubes - MSRP $5699.00

Optional I2S input, rear -panel switchable from USB - adds $300.00
(allows use of the Northstar I2S Transport)

Optional AES/EBU input - replaces S/PDIF input - adds $100

Optional BPS power supply and charger - $425.00

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