EchoVNC 2.0 Now Available

EchoVNC is a secure remote-desktop tool based on VNC. With it, a Windows PC can be remotely accessed regardless of firewall, router or web-proxy configuration.

The EchoVNC team has released version 2.00 of their open -source, secure remote -desktop tool for Windows. Unlike previous versions, EchoVNC is now a full -featured VNC Server and VNC Viewer platform, rather than simply a connection utility for other VNC flavors.

Source and binaries are available here:

EchoVNC supports the following features:

o Secure VNC sessions to Windows PC's behind unconfigured firewalls, routers, and web -proxies
o A 'See Who's Available' feature in the Viewer, for point -and -click connection initiation
o A 'dynamic -DNS' capability for VNC Servers without static IP addresses
o End -to -end data security with OpenSSL's 128 -bit AES encryption
o Support for HTTP, SOCKS and ISA/NTLM web -proxies
o Fully interoperable with other VNC flavors

As EchoVNC is based (with thanks!) on Ultr@VNC, it also provides these capabilities:

o Remote -desktoping with either VNC password or NT authentication
o Bidirectional file -transfer
o Real time chat window
o Utilizes the open -source 'Mirror Driver' for improved VNC performance

EchoVNC is a secure remote -desktop tool based on VNC. With it, a Windows PC can be remotely accessed regardless of firewall, router or web -proxy configuration. EchoVNC combines the open -source echoWare DLL directly into the feature -rich Ultr@VNC Server and Viewer platform to create the easiest -to -use, 'firewall -friendly' VNC platform available.

With echoWare, client -server and peer -to -peer Internet application can easily and securely connect with each other regardless of any intervening firewalls, routers, or web -proxies. EchoWare -enabled clients interconnect with each other via a shareware application called 'echoServer' - - together with EchoVNC and InstantVNC (our 'single -click', zero -install VNC Server) it's the basis of the EchoWare Remote Support System: a remote -desktop solution that is 'firewall -friendly', highly secure, and extremely low cost.

For more information on EchoVNC and the EchoWare Remote Support System, please visit

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