PSB Speakers Develops New Designer Friendly High Performance Loudspeakers

Visually appealing in high-gloss black cabinets, the PSB G-Design includes the GT1 Tower, GB1 Bookshelf and GC1 Center

CES 2007, LAS VEGAS, NV. Jan. 8, 2007 - PSB Speakers, the Canadian manufacturer long renowned for their affordable high -performance loudspeakers, introduces the special PSB G -Design, with three distinctive models during CES 2007 in Las Vegas today.

The striking new hand -rubbed, seamless, high -gloss black cabinets immediately tell you this is no ordinary PSB speaker. However, with one brief listen you'll recognize the well -known PSB sonic signature and know the legacy continues with yet another exciting design from the PSB Engineering and Design Group. PSB founder, Paul Barton, said, "The G -Design combines some of the highest performance drivers and elements developed for the acclaimed Platinum Series." David Smith, Director of Product Development added, "The look and style of the G -Design effort was paramount to achieve integration into contemporary environments without sacrificing the high performance that has always been the hallmark of PSB." Senior Engineer Mark Mason who also worked on this project considers the G -Design "to be electrifying, bold and designer -friendly." He further added, "The shape and hand polished finishing among a number of other touches were utilized to make a stunning visual statement."

The G -Design consists of the GT1 Tower, the GB1 Bookshelf and the GC1 Center Channel. The GT1 Tower is a 2 _ -way design with dual 6.5 -inch woofers and 1 -inch tweeter. The GB1 is a two -way speaker with a single 6.5 -inch woofer and 1 -inch tweeter. The GC1 is a dedicated center channel speaker using slightly smaller 5.25 -inch woofers surrounding a 1 -inch tweeter. The GC1 delivers the high efficiency and wide dynamic range required by a center channel in a multi -channel speaker system. Its complex drivers -cabinet -crossover design is extensively fine -tuned for accurate timbral matching to the GT1 and GB1.

All PSB G -Design models use a new proprietary ferrofluid filled, aluminum dome tweeter with a neodynium magnet. The exclusive design provides a unique combination of performance factors that yield exceptional extension with accurate treble and tremendous dynamic linearity. The unusually even and broad dispersion promotes superbly true -to -life "soundstaging." The addition of an integrated heat sink within the tweeter housing assures stable output levels. The same woven fiberglass cone woofers with rubber surrounds that were used in the acclaimed Platinum Series are now integrated into the G -Design.

For use in home theater applications all models have been video shielded. The woven fiberglass woofers are engineered for dynamic range, controlled expression, and exceptionally linear high -output reproduction. Together, these superb transducers enable smooth, accurate reproduction and remarkable dynamic potential. Moreover, each speaker is compared to the reference standard yielding consistently matched speakers.

All three models come in a distinctive high -gloss MDF cabinet with seamless corners and an elegant hand -rubbed, furniture -grade finish. The contoured cabinets not only provide a broader appeal. The shape directly contributes to the overall improved performance. The sleek profile enhances dispersion and diminishes unwanted sonic diffractions, resulting in a flatter response and richer sound.

The G -Design speakers are fitted with dual, 5 -way gold -plated binding posts plus they are bi -wireable and bi -ampable. Adjustable spikes and levelers are provided on the GT1.

Experience the new G -Design and hear how PSB has taken performance, style and value to new heights of excellence in their hospitality suite at the Hard Rock Hotel during CES 2007. All models are currently shipping, with the following suggested retail prices:

Model Price
PSB GT1 $1,999/pair
PSB GB1 $1,099/pair
PSB GC1 $ 849/each

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