Anchor Bay Adds Progressive ReProcessing™ (PReP™) to its VRS™ Suite of Technologies

PReP™ Restores Video Signals to Original Interlaced Format, Allowing the Signal to Be Properly Converted for Superior Image and Artifact Removal

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Anchor Bay Adds Progressive ReProcessing™ (PReP™) to its VRS™ Suite of Technologies

PReP™ Restores Video Signals to Original Interlaced Format, Allowing the Signal to Be Properly Converted for Superior Image and Artifact Removal

CAMPBELL, Calif. - - Dec. 11, 2006 - - Anchor Bay, a leading supplier of video -processing semiconductors (ASICs) and systems, today announced its patent -pending Progressive ReProcessing (PReP™) technology, the video -processing industry's first processing method that significantly improves progressive video signals and removes artifacts caused by inferior interlaced -to -progressive conversion. The breakthrough technology provides consumer electronics manufacturers with unprecedented control over their image processing and the ability to deliver a consistent viewing experience for their customers.

Video signals that originate in an interlaced format are often degraded by artifacts incurred when the signal is converted from interlaced to progressive formats by general -purpose chips in DVD players, AV receivers, and set -top boxes. Until now, there has been no way to improve these signals to optimize images on high -resolution displays. Poor interlaced -to -progressive conversion is especially problematic with large -screen HDTV sets, as upscaling to higher resolutions often amplifies artifacts created in the conversion process, making them more noticeable.

As a solution to this problem, Anchor Bay introduces PReP, an advanced video -processing technology that returns the progressive video signal output from source equipment to its original interlaced format. PReP then converts the interlaced signal to progressive format, this time applying the source; edge; and motion -adaptive algorithms in its Precision Deinterlacing™ technology to eliminate jaggies, combing, and other degrading effects. PReP technology allows 480p, 576p, 1080p/50, 1080p/60, and other formats to be processed by this method.

"Consumers who have invested significant resources in HDTV and home theater systems are often dismayed by the video quality that is actually delivered," said Rich Wawrzyniak, senior analyst at Semico. "More often than not, the poor image quality is the result of a conversion process that occurs in almost all DVD players and HDTV set -top boxes whereby interlaced signals must be converted to progressive before they can be viewed on an HDTV display. If this process isn't done well, the result is jagged edges and other ugly artifacts on the consumer's new HDTV. Anchor Bay's PReP technology is a clever solution to this problem, and one that should appeal to all suppliers of products that are designed to receive and/or display HDTV video."

Already available on Anchor Bay's DVDO® iScan™ VP50 HD video processor, PReP will also be a key feature of the newly announced ABT2010 ASIC for OEMs. In addition to featuring PReP, the ABT2010 will allow consumer electronics manufacturers to implement VRS Precision Deinterlacing™, VRS Precision Video Scaling™, VRS RightRate™, VRS AutoCUE -C™, and VRS Precision AV LipSync™ in their products, offering their customers an unprecedented viewing experience.

"With PReP, displays, A/V receivers, DVD players/recorders, set -top boxes, and other video source devices can improve progressive signals that have been poorly converted from interlaced formats," said Craig Soderquist, CEO at Anchor Bay. "It's an exciting breakthrough for OEMs and their customers alike. By utilizing PReP and the host of VRS technologies provided by the ABT2010 ASIC in their products, consumer electronics manufacturers can provide the best possible images for their customers' displays."

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About Anchor Bay Technologies
Anchor Bay designs and manufactures advanced digital semiconductor and system -level solutions for next -generation digital television and high -definition digital video products. The company's proprietary Video Reference Series™ (VRS™) technologies allow Anchor Bay to offer a wide range of advanced video -processing solutions that greatly improve image quality on large -screen HDTV home theater systems and other video displays. The company's VRS Precision Video Scaling™, Precision Deinterlacing™, Progressive Reprocessing™ (PReP™), RightRate™, AutoCUE -C™, and Precision AV LipSync™ technologies are used in both Anchor Bay's semiconductor products and in its award -winning DVDO® iScan™ line of video -processing systems for end users.

The company is dedicated to providing leading -edge video technologies that will enable current and next -generation ICs and systems to deliver reference -quality images across a wide range of displays and sources. Privately held, Anchor Bay maintains its headquarters in Campbell, Calif.

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