Compact USB Optically Isolated I/O Module with Dual RS -232/422/485 Serial Communication Ports

ACCES is pleased to announce the USB-IIRO4-2SM. This dense multifunction device incorporates 4 optically isolated digital inputs, 4 relay outputs, and two RS-232/422/485 serial ports -all packaged in a small, rugged, industrial enclosure.

ACCES I/O Products, Inc. is pleased to announce another addition to its successful line of USB embedded data acquisition modules -Model USB -IIRO4 -2SM. This dense multifunction device incorporates four optically isolated digital inputs, four Form C (SPDT) electromechanical relay outputs, and two RS -232/422/485 serial communication ports -all packaged in a small, rugged, industrial enclosure. This USB device is an ideal solution for adding portable, easy -to -install, digital and serial capabilities to any PC or embedded system with a USB port. It is fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports. Hot -plug functionality allows for quick connect/disconnect whenever you need additional I/O on your USB port. This single USB device is ideal for a variety of applications where on -board relays are required and inputs must be isolated such as in test equipment, instrumentation, industrial monitoring, process control, and communication. The OEM version provides just the board without the enclosure and is ideal for a variety of embedded OEM applications.

Electromechanical Form C relays are used due to their robustness and ability to withstand unexpected surge currents. This allows for increased flexibility in switching capability. These relays are used in environments where small reed relays would be considered inadequate due to their susceptibility to contact damage. The unit also features a high -speed custom function driver optimized for a maximum data throughput that is 50 -100 times faster than the USB human interface device (HID) driver used by many competing products. This approach maximizes the full functionality of the hardware and capitalizes on the advantages of USB. To simplify wiring connections, the isolated inputs and relay outputs are available via a mounted DB25 connector or, for OEMs, a 26 -pin IDC vertical shrouded header. An additional USB input header is provided for embedded applications along with a downstream USB port for connecting additional USB devices. Serial communications are conveniently provided through two DB9 connectors with adjacent LEDs indicating serial port activity.

Key features of the USB -IIRO4 -2SM include:

Four optically isolated inputs and four Form C electromechanical 1A relays
Two serial ports -field selectable RS -232/422/485
Small, (4' x 4' x 1.8') rugged industrial enclosure
Custom high -speed function driver
PC/104 module size and mounting compatibility
All required power drawn from USB port, no external power adapter required
Extra downstream USB expansion port
DIN rail mounting provision

The USB -IIRO4 -2SM is designed to be used in rugged industrial environments but is small enough to fit nicely onto any desk or testing station. The board measures just 3.550 by 3.775 inches and ships inside a steel powder -coated enclosure with an anti -skid bottom. A DIN rail mounting provision is available for installation in industrial environments. What makes the OEM option unique is that its PCB size and pre -drilled mounting holes match the PC/104 form factor (without the bus connections). This ensures easy installation using standard standoffs inside most enclosures or systems. The USB -IIRO4 -2SM can be integrated into any PCI -104 or PC/104 stack by connecting it to a simple USB port usually included on -board with embedded CPU form factors such as EBX, EPIC, and PC/104 - especially important since many newer CPU chipsets do not support ISA and have plenty of USB ports.

The USB -IIRO4 -2SM is supported for use in most operating systems and includes a free Linux (including Mac OS X) and Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003 compatible software package. This package contains sample programs and source code in Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder, and Visual C++ for Windows. Also incorporated is a graphical setup program in Windows. Third party support includes a Windows standard DLL interface usable from the most popular application programs, and includes example LabVIEW VIs. Embedded OS support includes Windows XPe.

ACCES I/O Products, Inc. supplies an extensive range of analog, digital, serial communication, and isolated I/O boards and solutions. ACCES also offers complete systems, integration services, and enclosures with a quick turn -around on custom projects including software. ACCES products are designed for use with PC/104, PCI, PCI -X, Low Profile PCI, EBX, ETX, EPIC, USB, Ethernet and ISA, as well as distributed and wireless I/O. All hardware comes with a 30 -day, no -risk return policy and a three -year warranty. For further information, visit the company's web site at

Price: USB -IIRO4 -2SM - $249.00
OEM and volume pricing available, consult factory
Availability: Now
Delivery: Stock to two weeks ARO

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