A BIG slice of the high end pie without the high end price

One reviewer upon listening to the prototype called it the best $6000/pr speaker he has ever heard. The only problem with that is the Mini is priced at $1595/pr (moving to $1995/pr in January 2007) Value… that's what av123 is all about.

The Strata Mini is a dream come true. This product represents the "wish list" as developed by our own company Founder and President - - - Mark L. Schifter. "The Mini" (as we like to call it) represents the very best in modern design, engineering, and technological application(s) all wrapped in a sleek - - - even sexy package that most of us can actually afford.

The Mini's hybrid design will astound with its ability to be utterly delicate yet deliver visceral impact when asked. This is eminently feasible thanks to its combination of planar magnetic drivers operating in concert with select cone drivers. The planar magnetic midrange and tweeter are custom built to our specifications along with the French -designed and renowned Atohm 5.25" mid -bass coupler located in it's own critically damped chamber. We hand this off to a custom damped and treated paper cone 8" woofer - powered by an internal class A/B 350 watt amplifier.

Planar magnetic drivers are known for their amazingly detailed presentation; effortless, airy and transparent in nature - palpable and defined as they are… we decided to impart a healthy dose of visceral impact to this hybrid design and that's where we make use of our "chosen" (sensational) multi -layered 5.25" mid -bass coupler along with that powered 8" paper -cone woofer. Cone drivers have that tactile impact… producing the desired results in that critical bass to mid -bass transition that is essential to a full range - wide -band design. Couple that to the 'speed', transparency and detail of our planar magnetic drivers and you have that special "alchemy" that makes this hybrid design tick. The Strata Mini blends seamlessly these two technologies delivering a complete top to bottom package at a better than fair price - - - in fact we might even call The Mini unheard of at anywhere near the price.

We want you to know that The Strata Mini is exquisite in every measure and meaning of the word. Try The Mini with your favorite piano sonata and keep the volume to the "wife -is -sleeping" levels and immediately become immersed in the utterly clear presentation - even at low volumes. This of course does not mean the Mini can't be driven hard; it certainly can. Switch to your favorite pop, rock, or jazz offering and feel free to crank it up. The adjustable nature of the 8" woofer allows you to experience as much or as little bass as you'd like. The room becomes your friend - - - not your foe.

The Strata Mini is designed for intimate settings - not cathedrals. What you can expect is an emotionally engaging and utterly immersive experience on an intimate level. The elegantly designed cabinet with real Rosewood veneers, narrow width (minimizes visual impact) and sloped baffle will be sure to carry an elegant feel to your room and extend itself gracefully to the visual realm even at rest…

Behold The Mini - - - a dream come true for one man with a singular mission in mind - - - To extend the beauty of The High End at an affordable - - - even down to earth price.

• Limited Edition - only fifty pairs will be produced per month.
• Cabinet: Gorgeous real wood South American Rosewood veneer wrapped around a well -braced MDF frame.
• System: Four way, four driver direct -radiating system. Sealed enclosure except for the 8" woofer which is ported via a flared slot.
• Drivers: Planar magnetic 1' tweeter, planar magnetic 8' midrange, 5.25' mid -bass coupler, 8' mass -loaded woofer.
• Amplifier: Built -in 350 watt class A/B for the powered woofer. Features crossover, gain, variable phase and high level/low level inputs and outputs.
• Crossover Network: Custom -Designed by Danny Richie for av123 and includes Air core inductors, polypropylene capacitors and non -inductive wire wound resistors. 4th order acoustic slopes on the upper end and 2nd order slopes on the bottom end.
• Crossover Points:
o 8' woofer : 27 Hz - (user definable)
o 5.25' has a 1st order high pass at 80Hz
o 5.25' mid -bass coupler to 8' midrange : 650Hz
o 8' midrange to tweeter : 4100Hz
• Frequency Response: 27 Hz to 35 KHz (± 3 dB)
• Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal
• Efficiency: 86 dB (@ 1 watt / 1 meter)
• Dimensions: 47' H x 13.5' D x 11.5' W
• Weight: 94 lbs each (280lbs per pair shipped/crated)
• Warranty: Three years (even on the amp!)
• In -Home Trial Period: 30 days (or more if you need it, just ask)

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