Endless Pools, Inc. Launches Over the Wall Swim Current Generator

The FastLane is an adjustable swimming machine that can be easily installed into and removed from virtually any swimming pool. It creates a smooth, non-turbulent current, ideal for swimming, aquatic exercise and rehabilitation.

Endless Pools, Inc., the leader in counter -current swimming machines, has invented the Fastlane, an over the wall swim current generator that will turn any pool into an Endless Pool! A once underutilized backyard pool can now be a place for exercise and fun!

The Fastlane, similar to a treadmill for swimmers, is a swimming machine that easily installs into virtually any swimming pool. Its smooth, non -turbulent current is fully adjustable making it ideal for swimming, aquatic exercise and rehabilitation. The current's highest speed challenges the best competitive swimmer yet can easily be adjusted to suit the beginner and everyone in between.

"I am very excited about this new product," said James Murdock, founder and president of Endless Pools. "Over the years, I have talked with many people who are frustrated that their backyard pools are too small for serious exercise. With the Fastlane, a flip of a switch will turn you backyard pool into a beneficial fitness tool while still allowing you to use it for everyday activities."

The Fastlane current can be set to a speed to suit any swimming or exercise ability. The Fastlane hangs from the side of an existing swimming pool, making it easy to access when you want a complete swim workout or even if you just want to relax and enjoy the current. The system has two parts: a remotely located hydraulic Power Unit that powers the swim current and the stainless steel Fastlane Swim Unit that mounts poolside. These components are connected by two 1/2' inside diameter hydraulic hoses designed to keep electricity far away from the water.

The Fastlane offers several options such as the SwiMP3 player that allows one to listen to music and swim at the same time! The Power Unit Weather Shield is a waterproof housing that protects the hydraulic components. At the end of the swimming season, it is recommended the Fastlane Swim Unit be removed from the swimming pool and winterized. Also, the Power Unit should be disconnected and moved inside. Freezing will not affect the oil that remains in your hydraulic hoses. For the triathlete, professional swimmer or even amateur, the Underwater Camera provides feedback for analysis and detail of swim strokes!

Over the last eighteen years, more than 10,000 Endless Pools have been sold in the United States and over 50 countries. For the past three years, the Fastlane have sold over 300 systems, continuing to grow and are becoming the trendy and distinct feature for your outdoor pool. To request a free DVD or to learn more about the Fastlane, visit: www.SwimFastlane.com/12901
Or call (800) 880 -SWIM (7946) ext. 12901


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