Distribution Agreement between DBL Distributing, Inc and Green Clean USA Brings Innovative Products and Accessories to DBL's Photo/Video Segment.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ. - November 8, 2006 - - DBL Distributing, Inc., one of the largest wholesale distributors of consumer electronics in the United States, today announced a new distribution partnership with Green Clean USA to deliver innovative digital camera cleaning kits and individual products to DBL's base of independent photography and digital imaging retailers and processors. Green Clean USA manufacturers and markets a complete line of digital imaging cleaning products that are based on an innovative, contact -free "vacuum" principle that gently removes dust and friction particles from digital camera sensor and camera housings. Green Clean USA is one of twenty new manufacturers to make their debut in DBL's recently released Fall/Winter 2006 catalog which features more than 16,000 products from 350 brand name manufacturers.

Effective immediately, DBL will carry the full line of Green Clean USA digital imaging maintenance and care accessories including cleaning kits, replacement accessories and dusters. Green Clean USA is noted for their cleaning kits which feature an innovative "vacuum power canister" that removes dust, dirt and particulates by means of a "suction" technology as opposed to typical "blow" systems. DBL will also carry Green Clean USA anti -static polishing cloths, sterile mini pick -up replacement tubes, vacuum attachment accessories and non -full frame wet and dry swab sensor cleaners. Green Clean USA's wet and dry swabs are designed to remove oils and smudges from digital camera sensors. The wet swab is pre -saturated with a non -toxic, alcohol free solution and the non -full frame size dry swab is lint free and highly absorbent.

"We listened to our photography and digital imaging customers over the past year and heard they wanted to have access to new innovative products that demonstrate true differentiation in the retail marketplace." said Henry Chiarelli, senior vice president of marketing and merchandising for DBL Distributing. "In particular, our customers expressed an interest in products that are in synch with the rapid evolution of digital imaging technology. Through new partnerships with manufacturers such as Green Clean USA we are proud to report that we have delivered on this customer request. By marketing Green Clean USA's full line of cleaning kits, replacement accessories and dusters, we are delivering product options that not only address the technological changes digital imaging manufacturers apply to their products, but we are delivering products that are unique to the market, valuable to the retailer, essential to their photography customers and environmentally friendly."

"Green Clean USA is extremely excited about our relationship with DBL Distributing, Inc. Their reputation and success as a distributor of consumer electronics accessories means that more and more consumers will be enabled with our professional quality cleaning products," said Grant Russell, President of Green Clean USA.

About DBL Distributing, Inc.
DBL Distributing, Inc. is one of the nation's top wholesale distributors of consumer electronics accessories and related products, with more than 30,000 retail customers nationwide. Headquartered in a custom -built 144,000 square foot facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, DBL carries more than 16,000 products from more than 350 quality manufacturers. DBL offers same day shipping for order placed by 5:00pm MST, a best price for 1 or 100 piece policy and a have no minimum order policy. DBL's business strategy proves that customers come first. For more information please visit http://www.dbldistributing.com/ or contact them at 800.733.6766.

GREEN CLEAN USA provides the photography industry with quality and innovative digital camera cleaning devices while paying particular attention to customer service, support and satisfaction throughout North America. Green Clean USA's Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning System is a contact -free cleaning system that works on the vacuum principle to gently remove dust and friction particles from the sensor and camera housing. The system also features three Wet Swabs and three Dry Swabs to remove oils and smudges from the sensor. A Travel Kit as well as individual accessories and environmentally safe dusters are also available. For more information please visit www.green -cleanusa.com or contact Jeff Golner at 602.257.5602.

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