iZ3D Gaming Monitors Is a Product Sponsor of the NVIDIA GEFORCE LAN 3 Event

3D Monitors Are Among the Prizes for New Action-Packed LAN Party

San Diego, CA - - November 6, 2006 - - Neurok Optics™, LLC, is a designer, developer and marketer of advanced 3D visualization systems. The company has announced that it will be participating in the NVIDIA LAN Party segment of a week -long series of events at NVIDIA headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. The two -day Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) LAN party will be held on November 7 and 8, featuring tournaments, fun contests, prizes, a charity drive, and more. The world premiere event will also unveil NVIDIA's next -generation PC gaming platform on November 8.

"The majority of current games are created in 3D modeling programs and can be viewed in 3D. Our 17” 3D monitor is ideally suited to work with NVIDIA's cutting edge graphics cards. Both are designed for casual to professional gamers to totally immerse themselves into the gaming environment through great imagery. We are excited to be a sponsor of this exciting NVIDIA event," commented David Chechelashvili, Vice President of Marketing for Neurok Optics LLC.

iZ3D 17" LCD monitors will be awarded as prizes in the GEFORCE LAN 3 Event Tournament. Attendees 18 and over will be able to play games on PCs featuring the latest NVIDIA technology. For more details, visit www.GeForceLAN.com.

The iZ3D monitor offers great image quality, a wide viewing angle, accommodates multiple users and is compatible with most current games. The bright 17" TFT 3D LCD Technology makes it possible to easily view realistic 3D images with the provided passive polarized glasses. The touch of a button switches the display back to 2D viewing for applications such as word processing, spreadsheets or e -mail, with the same clarity expected from a normal LCD monitor.

Priced at $1,299.00 the new monitor offers a resolution of 1280x1024; a 500:1 contrast ratio; 8ms response time and requires a video card with two connectors. Visit http://www.iz3d.com for information about this groundbreaking technology.

About Neurok Optics, LLC
Founded in 2001, privately held Neurok Optics, LLC is in the visualization and advanced information display business. Currently three -dimensional imaging is gaining appreciable attention in the display market, and interest in Neurok Optics' various 3D visualization technologies is rapidly increasing. It is headquartered in San Diego, CA., from where it directs its marketing, management, and public relations efforts.

The Company specializes in the design and engineering of advanced 3D visualization products that feature the integration of advanced technologies into complex products and processes. It specifically targets Game and Entertainment as initial markets. For more information, visit http://www.iz3d.com.

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