SiBEAM, Inc., Joins Consumer Electronics Manufacturers to Advance Wireless Audio/Video Connectivity

SiBEAM, Inc., a developer of high-speed wireless communication platforms, announces their membership in WirelessHD™ special interest group.


Leading Innovator In Millimeter Wave Technologies, SiBEAM, Inc., Joins Consumer Electronics Manufacturers to Advance Wireless Audio/Video Connectivity

SiBEAM Focuses Initial Development of 60 GHz in CMOS as a Founding Member of WirelessHD™

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - November 1, 2006 - SiBEAM, Inc., a developer of high -speed wireless communication platforms, is proud to announce their support and membership in the recently formed WirelessHD™ special interest group. WirelessHD is developing a specification for a wireless high -definition (HD) digital interface and represents the first of many applications for SiBEAM's technology

SiBEAM, as a founding member of WirelessHD, will facilitate technical advancement by significantly contributing to the specification and building semiconductor products based on the unlicensed, globally available 60 GHz frequency. The 60 GHz band offers the spectral availability for true uncompressed HD video, audio and data transmission, scaleable to future HD A/V formats. This technology is first targeted to be built into HDTV's as well as a wide range of A/V devices, such as digital video disk (DVD) players, set -top boxes (STB) and digital video recorders (DVR).

"WirelessHD's vision to significantly simplify and enhance people's ability to view and transport multimedia content among a wide range of devices is both exciting and promising; this represents the first application of SiBEAM's innovative millimeter wave semiconductor technology," said John LeMoncheck, President and CEO of SiBEAM, Inc. "SiBEAM is proud to be included in this initiative alongside such industry leaders. SiBEAM intends to lend their full support to WirelessHD in the area of achieving consumer solutions at mass market pricing through the use of 60 GHz in CMOS technology. In the future, SiBEAM's technology will enable consumers to efficiently move and share the increasingly large amounts of data and multimedia that are part of everyday life in a wide range of environments."

SiBEAM, recently named to the EE Times Emerging Startups List, is developing advanced wireless technology solutions that consumer electronics manufacturers, PC manufacturers, network infrastructure providers and others will incorporate into their next generation product lines for wireless communications. As part of its membership in WirelessHD, SiBEAM will provide contributions based on their 60 GHz in CMOS semiconductor technology. SiBEAM's executives and founders include many leading industry pioneers. John LeMoncheck, President and CEO, hails from Silicon Image where he was Vice President of the company's Consumer Electronics and PC/Display business and led the company's efforts to promote worldwide adoption of HDMI. Prominent leaders in multi -gigabit millimeter wave wireless technology include founders Chinh Doan and Sohrab Emami. Doan and Emami achieved many award -winning breakthroughs developing 60 GHz in CMOS while members at the Berkeley Wireless Research Center (BWRC), where renowned wireless scholar, Dr. Bob Brodersen was founder and co -director. Dr. Brodersen also serves on SiBEAM's board of directors as Chairman.

SiBEAM supports this first application -specific, consumer electronics HD digital wireless interface for true uncompressed media. SiBEAM expects to make first samples and prototyping systems available in 2007. Those interested in learning more about SiBEAM may visit

About SiBEAM, Inc.

Founded in 2004, SiBEAM is a fabless semiconductor company developing intelligent millimeter wave technologies and leveraging the latest manufacturing methods to meet the demand for high -bandwidth services. SiBEAM is the first to build 60 GHz chipsets using CMOS technology. A founding member of WirelessHD™, SiBEAM intends to support delivery of the first wireless high definition digital interface for A/V networks, the first of many applications for SiBEAM's innovative technology. For more information please visit:

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