WorldNav 3100 Portable GPS and Media Player by TeleType Co.

TeleType Company has just released a successor to its innovative product line that blends cutting-edge vehicle GPS navigation with MP3 and Video player technology.


New Portable GPS Navigation System featuring Text to Speech & Media Player

Boston, Mass. (September 27, 2006) - TeleType Company has just released a successor to its innovative product line that blends cutting -edge vehicle GPS navigation with MP3 and Video player technology. The all -in -one device, called the WorldNav 3100, is a portable touch screen car navigation system that offers door -to -door GPS guidance with text to speech instructions including pronunciation of street names.

The WorldNav 3100's exciting convergence of portable in -car navigation with the immense popularity of the MP3 player, video player, and picture viewer, makes it possible for travelers to not only reach their destination with greater efficiency, but to easily carry along their favorite music, videos, and pictures.

"There is no other product on the market that offers the exceptional utility, simplicity and affordability of this new piece of mobile electronics," said Marleen Winer, a spokesperson for TeleType.

Based on TeleType's award -winning GPS product line, the WorldNav 3100 is a compact system that weighs only 6 ounces. The device is user -friendly and simple to operate, making it easy for drivers to get from Point A to Point B. Drivers can navigate directly to a point of interest (POI) using the extensive POI database included, or a business, home address, or even a desired street intersection.

Currently, the U.S. version of the WorldNav 3100 offers the following features and benefits:
• Pre -installed, street -level maps for the entire USA, including Puerto Rico
• Auto Complete when entering State, City, Street allowing minimal keystrokes to obtain desired address
• Built -in Li -Ion battery allows you to use the GPS outside of a vehicle
• High quality natural sounding voices for turn by turn route guidance with street name pronunciation
• Various settings that allow drivers to create the best possible routes
• MP3 Player, Video Player, and Picture Viewer that can be used with your own SD card
• Can be mounted to the windshield or dashboard, and easily moved from car to car
• Automatic reroute, 3D/2D view, pan and zoom, day/night mode functions
• Points of interest including landmarks, gas stations, restaurants, etc.
• USB cable for connection to PC for data, music, video, and picture transfer
• High -resolution touch screen with large buttons and intuitive user interface

The WorldNav 3100 is the latest in a long line of products created by TeleType to provide unique and versatile solutions for land, air and water navigation. Notable innovations by the company include: The first aviation navigation product for use on PDAs in flight, the first program to offer combination vector -based marine and car navigation for Pocket PCs, and the first 16 -channel Bluetooth GPS receiver with 20 hours of battery life. Pushing the envelope of technology for Pocket PC computing, TeleType created the first program to offer the combination of street, air, water, and land navigation with live weather, topographic and aerial map support on Pocket PC and Windows CE devices.

Established in 1981, TeleType has emerged to become a leader in the field of Global Positioning Systems. TeleType specializes in software system integration and produces innovative products for a variety of industries. GPS software solutions include support of Windows CE and Pocket PC for vehicle navigation, fleet tracking, and geographic information systems data collection. Current hardware solutions include low power, high -sensitivity GPS receivers. The company is also expanding to support additional emerging technologies for GPS solutions based on satellite communications, GPRS, and GSM with support for Pocket PC phones and other mobile devices.

TeleType's WorldNav 3100 features a 3.5" diagonal screen and is available in two configurations, Deluxe ($399 MSRP) and Premium ($459 MSRP). WorldNav 3100 GPS can be purchased conveniently through on line resellers such as,, and Dealers may contact TeleType directly for pricing. For further information, contact TeleType Company at, 1 -800 -717 -4478, or 1 -617 -542 -6220.

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