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Fancy a cool glass of air? Sounds unbelievable? Not anymore, thanks to Canadian company Wataire, which has invented a machine that extracts moisture from the atmosphere and turns it into pure drinking water!

What's more, it even dehumidifies the area where it is placed, and almost miraculously, purifies the air around it too.

This technology comes to you in the shape of the EnviroScience Pure Air Water machines. These range in size from the office water cooler that does a magical air to water conversion of 24 litres a day right up to the gigantic ship container size contraption that pumps 10,000 litres per day of air to water!

The concept is simpler than it seems. The EnviroScience Pure Air Water machine uses cooling sheets to form dew, which is then filtered and chilled. Who would have thought Air to Water conversion was so simple!

To know more about this miraculous Air to water conversion, see where you can get complete information on airtoh2o conversion.

The local company offers you two simple option to take advantage of this simple method of converting air to h2o. You can flexi -rent the water cooler for a reasonable 19$ per week.

Air to water conversion apart, Air to H2O Pty. Ltd., the local air to water company, also provides smart Water recycling systems (you might have heard of these systems as Grey Water Systems). These water purification systems are remarkable in that they help you to recycle the water being used in your own residence or office! Astoundingly, the system works in such a way that water generated in the kitchen or office pantry is recycled to the toilets! But what happens to the water purification of the toilet -water? Why, that goes to the garden or external use! Specialised systems are available for home, office and industrial use.

If you're the sort who loves the fresh outdoors, make sure to check out Air to H2O pty. Ltd.'s Portable water purifiers as displayed at
You can carry these portable water purifiers and need not worry for a healthy, safe and continuous supply of pure drinkable water for outdoors, trecking, camping etc you can carry these portable water purifiers and need not worry for a healthy, safe and continuous supply of pure drinkable water.

Keep an eye on this site, for more information and more amazing products like their magical air to water conversion machine. What better than to have products on hand that not only solve your water problems through clean, pure and healthy air to water conversion, not to mention the water purification systems. What's even better is that you can not only perform your own air to water conversion right in your own office or your own home, but you are also doing a world of good to the environment. All you need is one of these amazing air to water conversion machines, and you can start smiling!

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