Phonex Lands Embedded M2M Design Win with ET Water

Wireless Modem Jack provides seamless M2M Internet connection for ET Water's award winning intelligent water management system

Phonex Lands Embedded M2M Design Win with ET Water

Wireless Modem Jack provides seamless M2M Internet connection for ET Water's award winning intelligent water management system

October 11, 2006 - Salt Lake City, UT - PhonexTM (, a leading volume provider of voice and data communications over powerline, announced its latest M2M design win with ET WaterTM, a smart irrigation control system that also recently won the 2006 Wall Street Journal's Technology Innovation Award for environmental products. ET Water Residential Smart Controller Models 102F and 103F each have an extension unit of the Wireless Modem Jack embedded into the system. A Phonex Wireless Modem Jack base unit can be placed conveniently in the home and connected to a phone line to enable an Internet connection for the ET Water controller.

The Wireless Modem Jack is an easy to use base and extension system that enables an Internet connection. The extension is integrated into any current modem -based design. The base unit is plugged in near an existing phone line and connected using a standard phone cord. The base and extension automatically setup a connection without additional setup or software.

"The ET Water Smart Controller requires daily schedule updates. The Phonex Wireless Modem Jack makes the Internet connection very simple. The base automatically senses the extension embedded in our controller and enables an Internet connection whenever needed. We have field tested the Wireless Modem Jack and found it to be very reliable and simple to install." Said Bruce Cardinal, CEO of ET Water.

The ET Water smart irrigation control system is revolutionizing water management for commercial and residential applications. Conventional irrigation controllers are referred to as 'clocks' because they manually set to water at a specific time and duration, regardless of weather conditions. In contrast, ET Water develops customized watering schedules for each zone of irrigated landscape, adjusting itself automatically based on local climate and rainfall that is continuously captured. Updates are communicated daily to the ET Water controller via the Internet.

About ET Water
ET Water Systems, LLC (ET Water, the 'Company') was founded in Marin County, California, in the fall of 2002 by experienced high -tech entrepreneurs with a passion for protecting the environment. In 2005, the Company began the process of forging key relationships with homebuilders, commercial landscapers, property managers, and distribution channel partners. Convinced that water scarcity will be the major resource challenge of the 21st Century, the company's founders recognized that a marriage of the Internet, sophisticated databases and horticulture science could simplify irrigation, improve plant health, conserve water, and reduce pollution caused by over watering. Visit for more details. ET Water is a trademark of ET Water Systems, LLC.

About Phonex
Founded in 1988, Phonex Corporation, based in Midvale, Utah, is a privately held company recognized as the world's largest supplier of powerline -based voice and data products with an install base of approximately 12 million such devices. Phonex's proprietary technologies enable telephone and data devices to communicate reliably using standard electrical wiring. The technology is protected by multiple patents. More information can be found at Phonex is a trademark of Phonex Corporation.

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ET Water

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