Cinema DesigGroup International Focuses on the Art of Home Theater with Cinemascapes™

Dreams come true with Cinema Design Group International! See how CDGi and Cinemascapes™ work to give you the freedom you deserve to customize your dream interior without compromising the integrity of your soundstage or video contrast ratio.

September 06'

Cinema Design Group International Focuses on the Art of Home Theater with Cinemascapes™

If you can dream it up, Cinema Design Group International (CDGi) can make it happen. That's because the latest generation of home theater environment technology has evolved into a personalized and highly creative process. And among home theater aficionados, enthusiasm for CDGi's Cinemascapes™ shows no signs of slowing down!

Cinemascapes™ are high -performance acoustic paneling, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that take the home theater atmosphere to a new level of individuality. Working with CDGi's design professionals, the home theater owner can now have virtually any visual element produced as a CinemaScape™. CDGi has created many interesting environments showing the possibilities. For example, CDGi can take you back in time to a Roman Coliseum or Medieval Castle. The Cityscape Theater can put you on the roof of a skyscraper with a beautiful view of a romantic city skyline, while The Vineyard displays a breathtaking view of Napa Valley. The choices are unlimited and the result is a home theater environment that's unique and creative to your tastes.

Cinema Design Group International, a leader in the design and engineering of world -class home theater interiors, offers a wide variety of finely crafted acoustic products, fine leather seating, dramatic columns and other custom elements to enhance the home theater environment.

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WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

The WaterCop family of products continues to grow! We now offer Z-wave technology that allows remote control of a home's main water supply via phone or internet. It's perfect for people who want peace of mind that they can shut off water in homes from nearly anywhere using Z-wave protocol. Z-wave joins systems WaterCop Pro, LeakStop, WaterCop Classic, Outdoor, and Large Valve (1 ½"-4") Integration. Visit to learn more.