New SDLs Will Simplify the Sales, System Design and Integration of Control Systems for the Residential Market

DENVER - Sept. 14, 2006 - AMX®, a worldwide leader in advanced control system technology, expanded its System Design Library (SDL) with pre -packaged solutions and marketing tools specifically tailored to the needs of the residential market. Unveiled for the first time at InfoComm 2006, AMX's SDL is the industry's first toolkit providing a wide variety of pre -packaged solutions designed to simplify every step of the sales, system design and integration process for AMX dealers. Each SDL includes pre -designed marketing solution sheets, an online system design sales assistant, VisualArchitect project files and a resource manual specifically tailored to the needs of residential control.

Before developing its new residential SDLs, AMX conducted extensive research to identify the most common usage scenarios for AMX control systems. The company used this intelligence to create tailored packages designed to meet the unique control and automation needs of its whole home and home theater vertical markets. SDLs for additional markets will be developed in the future.

Both new SDLs include:
1.) Three pre -designed marketing solution sheets showcasing a different level of control - from a basic Level 1 system all the way up to a more extensive Level 3 system. These sheets will help dealers explain to their customers how a control system can benefit them by illustrating in non -technical terms the functionality and types of applications an AMX system can control and automate.

2.) A new online system design tool to build and generate proposals. Once the customer identifies the level of control that best meets his/her needs, dealers simply log onto and select the facility type - whole home or home theater - and level of control desired by the customer. The entire system will appear, and the dealer can customize the equipment list as needed. Once finished, the tool will automatically generate the proposal.

3.) VisualArchitect project files - possibly the most significant timesaving tool of all. Leveraging the power of AMX's VisualArchitect application, the industry's most robust software for building and designing control systems, AMX is providing dealers with the entire system - already designed for them. Simply download the VisualArchitect project file from for the facility type and level of control selected by the customer, and the system will appear. Then, using the proposal, the system designer can make any needed changes.

4.) An extensive resource manual, including a comprehensive "cheat sheet" for every solution in the library, designed to guide integrators through the entire sales process.

The Whole Home and Home Theater SDLs are available online today at

About AMX
AMX is a worldwide leader in advanced control and automation technology for commercial and residential markets. The company's hardware and software products simplify the way people interact with technology. This includes making it easier for system integrators to sell, program and install AMX products - ranging from touch panels, keypads and handheld remotes to customizable resource management tools - as well as making the overall AMX end -user experience intuitive and simple. Leveraging the power of automation technology, AMX is making the world a little less complicated. AMX was founded in 1982 and is a subsidiary of Duchossois Industries, Inc. For more information about the company, visit


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