Streaming21 Delivers Asia\'s Most Popular Entertainment, Karaoke on Demand for Lung Hwa

KOD will be the killer application for IPTV business growth in Asia Pacific

Taipei, Taiwan - September 27, 2006 - Streaming21, the world's leader in broadcast -quality streaming solutions, today announced that it has successfully delivered Asia's most popular entertainment, Karaoke On Demand (KOD), for Lung Hwa Electronics. Lung Hwa (TAIEX: 2424) is one of the leading 3C manufacturers in Taiwan, with over 30 years of technology innovations. This joint -developed KOD service will be the worldˇ¦s first KOD service that offers full -screen TV playback with unique ˇ§interactiveˇ¨ karaoke features over open networks. In contrast to other commercial KOD deployments around the world, which rely on expensive managed networks, Streaming21's ground -breaking solution works over the Internet and is available to subscribers from any domestic ISP.

This exciting home entertainment service, called i -Fun, currently offers more than 6 TV channels to 5,000 subscribers in Taiwan. The company plans to roll out a total of 10 channels and support up to 20,000 subscribers by year -end, offering service categories such as Entertainment, Karaoke, Cartoon, Lifestyle, Online Shopping, Online Stock Updates and E -learning. Karaoke On Demand will be the strategic application that keeps audiences captivated, and helps Lung Hwa to quickly expand its IPTV business in Asia Pacific.

Peter Pai, CEO of Lung Hwa Electronics said, 'Streaming21 offers a highly reliable, easily customized, feature -rich and user -friendly KOD platform which enables us to provide appealing IPTV services to subscribers from any ISP. By adapting Streaming21's carrier -grade KOD solution, we can get to markets quickly with differentiated, profitable service offerings and achieve our strategic competitive goal in moving into the IPTV business. Lung Hwa will not only play a leading role in the 3C industry but also extend our business portfolio as an end -to -end IPTV solution provider. We expect the rollout of the newly -launched KOD service will boost our competitiveness in the IPTV market.'

Dr. Joe Lin, President and CEO of Streaming21 said, 'Streaming21's Karaoke On Demand is creating new market opportunities with demonstrated growth potential, especially in Asia Pacific. We have built a reputation for providing carrier -grade IPTV solutions to numerous telcos in Asia and our award -winning solutions allow any Broadband ISPs, Mobile Carriers and xSP providers to quickly launch IPTV services with minimum capital investment. We are confident that KOD will be an exciting niche service for consumers and will generate new opportunities for innovation and growth in the IPTV industry.'

The Karaoke On Demand solution is able to accommodate a wide selection of karaoke titles with carrier -class stability. Intuitive EPG, unique interactive features, convenient online payment and a powerful service management system offer immediate adoption of new home entertainment services. Additional interactive features and services can be easily integrated into the iTV platform, such as online karaoke contests, online voting and much more. The joint efforts of Streaming21 and Lung Hwa realize a dream of delivering Asia's most popular entertainment, KOD, directly to the living room.

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About Lung Hwa
Lung Hwa Electronics Co., Ltd. (TAIEX: 2424), established in 1973, has become a public company listed in Taiwan Stock Market with registered capital of US$ 27.5 million. Lung Hwa, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, consistently provides qualified professional products to the market and has become one of the leading 3C manufacturers in Taiwan. With more than 30 years of creative innovation, Lung Hwa is now expanding its products lines into two categories: EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) and DMS (Design Manufacturing Service). A vision of 'Customer satisfaction is our greatest achievement' drives Lung Hwa to achieve the highest in professional manufacturing standards, providing reliable products and timely delivery to the worldwide market. To learn more about Lung Hwa, please visit

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