Minicom to Showcase KVM IP Innovation for Complete Remote Support

Computers and intelligent devices can be monitored and maintained from anywhere in the world; problems can be diagnosed more accurately and fixed in less time, and at lower cost.

Jerusalem, Israel (September 26, 2006) - Minicom Advanced Systems will be showcasing the IP Control, its KVM IP innovation for remote support of mission -critical intelligent devices at Remote Monitoring & Networking 2006, Long Beach, California, November 9th and 10th.

The palm -sized, hardware device enables simple web -based access for administrators to operate a complete remote support system. Computers and intelligent devices can be monitored and maintained from anywhere in the world; problems can be diagnosed more accurately and fixed in less time, and at lower cost.

Based on proprietary KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) technology, IP Control expands an administrator's remote support capabilities to the computer's operating system level - giving complete remote support. As an out -of -band solution, it doesn't run on dedicated software, eliminating the possibility of conflicts with mission -critical applications.

Where remote support software fails to remedy operating system problems, field technicians may succeed, but at significantly higher cost and slower response time. By using IP Control, a remote administrator who's been hauled out of bed to fix an operating system fault can troubleshoot and remedy the non -responsive device instantly from his laptop. Or alternatively, a technician can remedy the device from a central call -center. In either case, mission -critical device downtime can be reduced from hours to minutes, and sending a technician on -site can be limited to instances of absolute necessity. Accurate diagnosis and speedy remedy of system problems is critical to manufacturers and operators of intelligent devices - generating more reliable service provision, higher customer satisfaction, and improved bottom line.

IP Control is the latest offering from Minicom, the leading specialists in digital/analog KVM server management solutions. Rami Sasson, Vice President of Business Development at Minicom says, "With the growing number of intelligent devices dependent on computers for their operation, complete remote support is now a must -have for the manufacturers and operators of these devices. By ensuring direct, 24/7 access to problems that can occur before and after the operating system loads, our remote KVM support solutions are vital in keeping intelligent devices up and running, all of the time".

Visitors are welcome to experience a demonstration of the IP Control and to find out more about Minicom's range of KVM solutions at booth 16, Remote Monitoring & Networking 2006.

For a free KVM IP Control demo online, please visit:

About Minicom Advanced Systems

Minicom Advanced Systems is a principal manufacturer of keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) solutions for out -of -band server management and distribution systems for Digital Signage. Synonymous with both innovative know -how and commitment to partnerships, Minicom is leading the development of internet -based centralized KVM access technologies and multi -media distribution systems. Founded in 1987 and based in Jerusalem, Israel, Minicom has a global presence, with regional headquarters in North America and Europe. In 2005, Minicom acquired Replicom Ltd, a leading developer of remote KVM systems, which operates today as Minicom's R&D center for IP technology.

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