Sangean Adds Two HD Radio Receivers to Product Line

HDT-1 Component Tuner and HDR-1 Tabletop Radio will both be available in time for the holidays

Sangean Adds Two HD Radio Receivers to Product Line

HDT -1 Component Tuner and HDR -1 Tabletop Radio
will both be available in time for the holidays

Los Angeles, CA, September 19, 2006 - Sangean America today announced that its two highly anticipated HD Radio™ products will be available for the 2006 holiday season. The HDT -1 Radio Component Tuner, the first HD Radio component tuner to be priced under $200, and the HDR -1 Tabletop Radio, which will be priced under $250, are both multicast capable.

"With nearly 1,000 AM/FM HD Radio stations now on the air and more than 300 stations offering additional HD2 multicasts, it is clear that the HD Radio rollout is moving forward quickly," said Kevin Wang, President, Sangean America. "The HDT -1 and HDR -1 represent an excellent value for consumers who are ready to upgrade to HD Radio technology and experience the superior sound quality and expanded programming choices it makes possible. And the best part is that it's all free, since there are no subscription fees."

The HDT -1 tuner offers a PLL Synthesized Digital Tuning System, backlit LCD Display and available FM RBDS capabilities with PS, PTY, RT and CT features. Consumers need only plug in the unit and attach the tuner to their existing home theater system through a set of stereo RCA cables to gain access to the HD Radio broadcasts in their area.

The HDR -1 Tabletop Radio is a stylish, wood -grained receiver featuring an auto -tuning system, remote control and a digital output that allows it to be extended to an existing home theater system. The HDR -1 also includes a plug -in to accommodate an MP3 player.

Both the HDT -1 and HDR -1 will feature screens for displaying scrolling text, which may take the form of artist names and song titles or other information broadcast from a radio station. Each unit will also receive analog signals from local AM and FM stations who have yet to upgrade to HD Radio broadcasting.

HD Radio technology transmits digital audio and data alongside existing AM and FM analog signals, allowing listeners with HD Radio receivers to enjoy new HD2 multicast channels and crystal -clear sound, with virtually none of the static or hiss often associated with analog radio; plus, scrolling text on receiver display screens allow the display of information such as artist names and song titles, local weather forecasts and news headlines. Other advanced features will be available in the near future, such as the delivery of real -time traffic updates. As of today, there are 988 HD Radio stations on the air with more than 350 of these stations offering multicast programming. HD Radio receivers are now available from manufacturers across the county. For more information and to discover the HD Radio stations near your, visit

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