Auralex Acoustics, Inc., the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, recently unveiled the SubDude™ at CEDIA 2006.

Denver, CO, September 18, 2006 -Auralex Acoustics, Inc., the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, recently unveiled the SubDude™ at CEDIA 2006. Ideal for home theater installations, the SubDude isolation platform is a highly effective device that floats a subwoofer or speaker to yield nearly total acoustic isolation.

"Our new SubDude platform is a very effective, economical acoustical treatment that provides a purity of tone that has to be heard to be believed," notes Tracy Chandler, director of sales and marketing for Auralex Acoustics.

Made of MDF and structural acoustic foam specifically designed to provide rigidity and stability with sufficient strength to support a load of up to 200 pounds, the SubDude platform severs the direct mechanical connection with the room floor. Such isolation allows the sound to emanate directly from the subwoofer/speaker enabling listeners to hear more of the sound being passed through the air and less being passed through the floor. Retailing at $59.95, the SubDude is 15" wide, 15" deep and 3" high.

"The evolution of home theater systems has created a demand for audio solutions that are equal to the remarkable innovations in video technology," Chandler continues. "The introduction of the SubDude will enable home viewers to experience sound quality that is as pristine as the visual images produced by their High -Definition, flat -screen televisions."

About Auralex Acoustics
Located in Indianapolis, Auralex Acoustics was founded in 1977 with a mission to provide the best acoustical treatment products at the best value. Since then, thousands of satisfied Auralex customers have experienced improved acoustics, solid advice and exceptional customer service. Auralex products enjoy widespread use among many prominent artists, producers, engineers and corporations.

Auralex Acoustics has become the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions and continues to enjoy rapid growth through an international network of authorized dealers. Visit the Auralex web page at Auralex can be reached via email at or by calling 1.800.95WEDGE.

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