Wayne -Dalton Rolls Out First Line of Z -Wave Products

Wayne-Dalton Rolls Out First Line of Z-Wave Products

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MT. HOPE, Ohio (September 14, 2006) - Consumers seeking the convenience and safety of remote home automation through a Z -Wave network now can purchase a three -in -one kit to simplify the process. Offered by Wayne -Dalton, a leading garage door and opener manufacturer, the kit includes a Home Gateway module, a Keychain Remote Control and a Garage Door Opener Conversion Module. Through these products, homeowners activate custom "scenes" that trigger the Z -Wave devices in a home to the owner's preferences.

Wayne -Dalton's three -in -one kit includes:
· Home Gateway - The Home Gateway module is the interface for consumers to command individual Z -Wave scenes from a car or hand held remote. The unit plugs into a wall outlet. Homeowners activate Z -Wave -enabled products with the push of a button on the Keychain Remote Control or built -in car remote. Each module commands up to three scenes and numerous Z -Wave devices, but users can add multiple Home Gateway modules to set more than three scenes.
· Keychain Remote Control - This mini remote control triggers Z -Wave scenes like the Home Gateway module. Users can attach it to a keychain or car visor and activate scenes from a vehicle or even hang it from a lanyard around the neck for convenient control. The Remote Control communicates directly with Wayne -Dalton openers or the Garage Door Conversion Module thus making it a true "all in one" Home Access and Control solution.
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· Garage Door Opener Conversion Module - This universal Conversion Module allows the control of any brand garage door opener with the Keychain Remote Control product. To install, homeowners simply plug in the Module and connect the wiring to the opener. When used with the Gateway Module and Keychain Remote Control, homeowners can manage their entire Z -Wave system from the same remote control.
The kit is currently available by special order and will be introduced officially at the end of September 2006. Consumers will be able to purchase the items through the Wayne -Dalton Web site, Wayne -Dalton dealers and various catalogue.

About Wayne -Dalton
For more than 50 years, Wayne -Dalton has created innovative garage doors and openers for residential and commercial customers. With headquarters in Mt. Hope, Ohio, Wayne -Dalton is a worldwide category leader with eight manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Europe. Wayne -Dalton offers the broadest assortment of residential and commercial garage doors and openers through diverse channels of distribution. For more information, please visit www.wayne -dalton.com.

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