Leapfrog is the Place to Post and find iPod Movies

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Leapfrog is the Place to Post and find iPod Movies

September 14, 2006, NY, NY - Spymac http://www.spymac.com, the largest Macintosh community with over 1 million members, announced today "Leapfrog," a new version of its site and services that combines the best and hottest features of the Web 2.0 leading sites into one innovative package. Due in early Fall of this year, Spymac Leapfrog lets the entire world video chat, post and find movies for the newly enhanced iPods, and network easier than ever before, right through a browser with no extra software required, and makes Spymac the premiere destination for everyone wanting to share or find pictures, movies, music and friends online.
Leapfrog is extremely flexible and works well with other sites and services. For example, you can embed photo, music and video from Spymac onto other sites, adding extra value to them and making it easy to call Spymac your home online, even when blogging, networking or sharing media at other websites.
What makes Leapfrog really powerful is that the site will be automatically regionalized depending on location and available in dozens of languages, meaning that people around the world, including those in Iraq, China, and Korea. With Leapfrog, the possibilities are endless!
"Leapfrog" to Web 2.0
Established in 2001 as a Macintosh enthusiast site, Spymac has had five site redesigns and has learned a lot along the way. Spymac Leapfrog is an incredible advancement over previous versions, and with this release, takes advantage of the latest innovations in "Web 2.0" technology. Put simply, it leapfrogs Spymac into the forefront of next generation web services.
Spymac Leapfrog will be available Fall 2006. For more information on Spymac, see http://www.spymac.com.
About Spymac
Spymac Network Inc. is a New York City corporation with offices in Dusseldorf, Germany and Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Originally launched as a Macintosh enthusiast site, Spymac has now grown to the largest international Macintosh community with over one million registered users. Spymac boasts innovative multimedia galleries, the first fully Mac -compatible drag -n -drop homepages, an iPod marketplace, member communities and much more.

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